2003-04 Season

Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992
By Anna Deavere Smith
Directed by Candice Brown
September 16-21, 2003
Laurie Theater

"A vocal symphony of amazing range and power. a chorus of widely different voices placed in precise and revealing counterpoint"  The New York Times

"An American masterpiece...the heart and soul of an American tragedy, as expressed by the hearts and souls of the people who were part of it."  Jack Kroll, Newsweek

Anna Deavere Smith's play about the 1992 civic disturbances in Los Angeles after the verdict in the Rodney King trial. Candice Brown (of last season's acclaimed "The Laramie Project") directs an ensemble of actors in this thought-provoking play about race, justice and violence.

Blue Window

By Craig Lucas
October 21-26, 2003
Laurie Theater

"A marvel, an intricate play and quiet piece that never stops surprising you, with passion and terror and a rich panoply of ideas hidden just under it glossy, soft-spoken surface."  New York Review, 2001

Craig Lucas' ("Prelude to a Kiss" and the film "Longtime Companion") play about Libby, a nervous wreck who is about to host a dinner party for virtual strangers, both to herself and each other.  The strangers talk but do not seem to communicate, and the result is a stream of consciousness collage but with an air of mystery hanging over the entire evening.

Don Quixote

A Double Edge Theatre Company Production
November 18-23
Laurie Theater

"A brilliant and completely achieved performance … a plane of intelligence and imagination rare in theater!"  Chris Fujiwara, The Art of Performance

"Best of Boston," The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, and Boston Phoenix

Brandeis University and Double Edge Theatre partner to create a unique version of Miguel Cervantes' classic tale "Don Quixote."  Created during the rehearsal process, using the text as a guide only, the result is sure to be one of the most intriguing and daring productions in our history.  Known for its innovative work, Double Edge Theatre endeavors to reach beyond the realm of the word into the more hidden territories of humanity -- the imagination, rhythm, passion and spirit.

Made possible with generous support from the Poses Fund.

The Winter's Tale

By William Shakespeare
February 10-15, 2004
Mainstage Theater

"'The Winter's Tale' is a vast pastoral lyric, and it is also a psychological novel, the story of Leontes, an Othello, who is his own Iago…it surges with Shakespeare's full power."  Harold Bloom

A beautiful fairy tale that combines broad comedy with one of Shakespeare's most heart-rending stories.  Tortured by jealousy, Leontes banishes his wife and infant daughter who disappear and are presumed dead until a miracle occurs.  A tale of grief and desolation, romance and joy, The Winter's Tale combines elements from each dramatic genre with Shakespeare's searing and soaring poetry.

The Herbert and Kim Marie Beigel Annual New Play
Losing the Game
By Sarah Moon
Directed by David Dalton
March 23-28, 2004
Laurie Theater

The annual new play at Brandeis University is the highlight for many and affirms our commitment to new artists and new work.  Past playwrights (including Theresa Rebeck (the movie 'Harriet the Spy' and television's 'Law and Order' and 'Third Watch'), Jesse Kellerman's  'Fafrotskies' (2003), …) have gone on to achieve national acclaim and recognition for their work. 

The Cherry Orchard
By Anton Chekhov
Directed by Liz Terry
April 20-25, 2004
Laurie Theater

"There is nothing in English literature in the least like 'The Cherry Orchard.' Chekhov has shed over us a luminous vapor in which life appears as it is, transparent to the depths.  We feel our way among submerged but recognizable emotions.  I felt like a piano resonating after a masterful concerto."  Virginia Woolf, New Statesman

Chekhov's masterpiece is both a comic and tragic portrait of a world on the brink of destruction.  Madame Renevskaya has chased her lover across Europe and returns to find that her beloved Russian estate, with its beautiful orchard, will soon be auctioned.  Characters from her old world collide comically and then retreat into fantastic daydreams.  But behind the laughter and dancing, her world slides inexorably toward its cataclysmic future.