Social Justice Definitions, Literature, & Resources


Language has the potential to enact and maintain social justice and social change. We are aware that social justice language and the frameworks it represents are dynamic. We are committed to offering information about language and frameworks that support social change. While the list of Social Justice Definitions we offer is neither exhaustive nor does it present the only way to understand social justice frameworks, it does serve as a guide to our work. Please use the link below to access the language and framework definitions that guide our diversity, equity, and inclusion practice.

Social Justice Definitions

Literature COMING SOON

Our work is grounded in literature about multisystemic privilege and oppression, justice, equity, and inclusion. In this section, please find the scholarship that guides our work. We will update and modify this list frequently. Please contact us if you have literature to share.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion language, frameworks, and literature is captured and expressed in many forms. In this section, please find audiovisual resources that support our work.

Classroom Experiences at Brandeis: Students of Color Share Their Stories About Racism (video)

Best Practices at Brandeis: Supporting Students Who Experience Marginalization (video)

Intercultural Center 25th Anniversary Interviews (video)

Ford Hall 1969 Timeline: A Project of the Black Space Portal- Brought to you by the Brandeis BLK Archives Collective

Juneteenth: free at last- Article by Carina Ray, Associate Professor and Tribute by Jamele Adams, Dean of Students

Juneteenth, celebrated each year on June 19, has Texas roots, as it's the state where news of emancipation came the latest.