Recent Economics Department Senior Honors Theses


Roza Muluken Azene

“The Impact of Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) market on Ethiopian Rural Households”

Isidora Filipovic

“The Effects of the 2006 Massachusetts HealthCare Reform on Unplanned Pregnancy”

Yanru Fu

“The Inflow of Foreign Investment: How Does it Affect U.S. Real Estate Markets?”

Alex Lipnick

“Abnormal Returns and the Efficient Market Hypothesis in Technology Acquisitions”

Gangyu Ni

Oligopolistic Reactions in M&A

David Ritzwoller

“Adaptation in Expectations of Future Returns to the Stock Market”

Dan Shpilsky

Heals on Wheels: The Link between Transportation Infrastructure and Healthcare Outcomes in Urban Centers

Yue Zhu

“Transport Infrastructure Investment in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and economic growth”


Kim Adler

“Understanding the Gender Dynamics of College Major Selection: A Case Study of the Brandeis University Economics Major”

Antoine Malfroy-Carmine

“The Impact of Local Economic Conditions on Regional Federal Reserve Bank Discount Rate Recommendations”

Jiamin Shen

“A Study on China’s Failed EV Campaign and Legislative Reflections”

George Velonias

“A Midas Approach to Bond Return Predictability in Real-Time”

Jiefan Wang

“What Are the Characteristics that Distinguish China’s Liquidity Trap from a Conventional Liquidity Trap?”

Chutong Wu

“Bubble Testing on Art Auction Price Indices”

Kathleen Wu

“Investment Value of Gold Jewelry in China”

Xingyue Xin

“Do For-Profits Produce Student Loan Default? Evidence from the Baccalaureate and Beyond Longitudinal Study: 08/12”


Axel Szmulewiez

“Health Effects of Hosting the Olympic Games: Evidence from London 2012”

Lantian Xiang

“The Effect of High Speed Railroad Expansion on Local GDP Growth in China”

Oren Saskin

“The Determinants of the CDS-Bond Basis in the Post Financial Crisis Era”

Jacob Silver

“Forecasting New York State Day-Ahead Electricity Spot Prices using Time-Series Models”

Le Wu

“An Attempt to understand Possible Discrimination Against International Students in the Greater Boston’s Rental Housing Market”

Carl Lieberman

“Aggregated Review Scores and Consumer Demand for Experience Goods: A Case Study in the Motion Picture Industry”

Wenyi Zhang

“Effect of Exchange Rates on Stock Market – Chinese Investors Reaction to Government’s Actions”

Jingwan Wang

“Major Drivers of Healthcare Expenditure in China: How does China’s Changing Age Structure Affect its Healthcare Expenditures?”

Ye Xian

“The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Energy Intensity of China’s Economy”

Xiaoyue Sun

“What Drives China’s R&D Intensity Surge?”

Fangzhu Yang

“Estimating the Effects of Housing Policies on the Real Estate Market in 20 Major Cities in China”


Laura Hazan

“The Effects of Minimum Wage on Minorities: A Comparative study of India Versus France”

Xavier Martin Bautista

“Do Remittances Reduce the Financial Constraint on Firm Investment?”

Aaron Markiewitz

“The Role of Financial Frictions and Relative Sector Constraint During the Financial Crisis”

Eric Haavind-Berman

“Professional Development and College Attendance: A Look at Massachusetts School Districts”


Kevin Berzinis

“Expectations as Frames: Evaluating the Effects of Expectation Violation on Levels of Risk Aversion”

Sarah Shahanaghi

“Co-movement and Contagion in European Sovereign Debt Yields: A Factor Model Approach”


Mengshan Cui

“NAFTA’s Impact on the Mexico Environment”

Jay Dev

“Is Charter Competition a Tide that Lifts All Boats?: A Five-State Analysis of Charter Competition and the Impact of a ‘Hold Harmless’ Funding Policy”

Neelanjana Gupta

“The Impact of Fertility Rate on the Education Attainment Level of Children in the State of Uttar Pradesh, India: The Quantity – Quality Tradeoff”

Joshua Hoffman-Senn
“R & D Factor-Biased Technical Change in China”
Woo Sang Jo

“The Effect of Teacher Race in Elementary School on High School Graduation: Evidence from Tennessee’s Project STAR”

Yosef Schaffel

“Extra, Extra! Read All About it: The Impact of Crime Reporting by Community Newspapers”

Doug Schwartz

“Regional Variations in the Composition of American Unemployment: A Decomposition of Unemployment Across States by Industry during the Great Recession”

Samuel Stemper

“Recession and the Resurgent Entrepreneur: National-Level Effects of the Business Cycle on European Entrepreneurship”


Sam Kapon

“Evaluating the EPA 33/50 Program and Transfers to Recycling in TRI Reporting”

Sari Ladin

“Exploring the Gender Achievement Gap: An Analysis of Project STAR”

Géraldine Rothschild

“Le Réforme des 35 Heures: Reduced Working Hours and French Employment”

Andres Shahidinejad

“Does Belonging to a Higher Income Level Increase Your Financial Literacy?”

Omri Strul

“The Common Creditor Effect: The Role of the Banking Sector in Cross-Border Transmission of Currency Pressures”


Abhirup Das

“Impact of Financial Representatives Comprising the Board of Directors. An Events Study Analysis of Acquisition Outcomes in Acquirer Companies”

Benjamin Gorelick

“Consumption-Driven Equilibrium: A Study of the Dynamics and Implications of Economic Activity in a Private BitTorrent Movie Tracker”

Julia Korn

“Non-Pecuniary Incentives and Productivity: The Effects of an Appreciation Week for Custodial Workers at Southside Hospital”

Michael Laderman

“Habit Formation in Virtual Worlds”

Darren Sandler

“The Effects of Preferential Trade Agreements on the Use of Antidumping by Developing Coutries”

Matthew Schmidt

“The Effect of Regulatory Process Costs on Firm Level Foreign Investment in the Manufacturing Sector”

Josh Waizer

“The Effect of Self-Distribution Exceptions to the Three Tier System on Beer Prices and Brewery Numbers”


Cantay Caliskan

“Big Mac Index: A Questionable Tool To Make Investment Choices”

Yeshaya Dobrusin

“End-of-Pipe vs. Change in Production Technology: Factors that Affect the Decision Making Process”

Ezra Fishman

“The effects of small class size in the early grades on high school graduation: Evidence from Tennessee’s Project STAR”

Igor Karagodsy

“Financial market response to security breach announcements”

Andrew Karasick

“Examining Defensive Medicine: Financial and Non-Financial Costs of Malpractice Liability and the Utilization of Diagnostics in the Medicare System”

Jarrad Kirsh

“The Investment Allocation Decision-Making of State-Run Public Employee Pension Plans”

Daniel Litwok

“Religiosity and Academic Achievement: Can a personal characteristic help explain the achievement gap?”

Rebecca Loren

“Consumer Expectations About the Housing Market: How Are They Formed and Are They Rational?”

Karishma Roopchand

“Examining the Effects of Sanctions on Iranian Bilateral Trade Flows Using the Gravity Model”

Elizabeth Setren

“The Effect of Voluntary Desegregation Busing Program on Housing Values in Receiving School Districts”

Caleb Smith

“Labor Economics in the Palestinian Territories”

Seth Werfel

“Does Induction or Evolution Explain the Rate of Innovation? Evidence from Smoking Cessation Patents”


Maurice Goldstein

“Renewable Energy Policy and Induced Innovation”

Amanda Millet-Sorsa

“Single Artist Art Auctions”

Nathan Richards

“An Analysis of Rent Stabilization in New York City”

Anna Scodel

“Debt-For-Nature Swaps: Participation and Effectiveness An Empirical Analysis of Debt-for-Nature Swaps”

Eliezer Shinnar

“Describing Medical Graduate International Migration Patterns: Do Rural Physicians Have A Higher Propensity to Migrate than Urban Physicians?”

Faiyaz Talukdar

“Microfinance Patterns in Bangladesh: Studying the effects of loans on household expenditure and income levels in rural Bangladesh”

Aviva Zyskind

“China’s Communications Equipment and Electronics Manufacturing Sector: Sources of Domestic Catch-Up”


Nikhil Agarwal

“The price-spillover effect in art auctions”

Zachary Seeskin

“When does teacher race matter? Grade-specific estimates of own-race teacher effects on student achievement”

“For Whom Do Donors Give? Effects of Donor Recognition on Gifts to Jewish Organizations”


Daniel Fried

“Forecasting ability of valuation ratios in equity and real estate markets”

David Glick

“Poverty reduction and government spending: An analysis of public spending on health care and education in Chile”

Stuart Kottle

“Rural-to-urban migrants in Beijing: An analysis of migrant workers in the construction industry as Beijing prepares for the Olympics”

Benjamin Snider

“The pricing behavior of retail gasoline firms: An empirical analysis”


Mohammad Amir Akhtar

“A comparative analysis of socio-economic development between Thailand and Bangladesh”

Stacey Chan

“The Asian Tigers’ graduation from the U. S. Generalized System of Preferences: Effects on the remaining beneficiaries”

Munyaradzi Julius Chaunzwa

“Investigating the economic value-added of more advanced technical indicators”

Charles Goodhue

“A study of the economic and environmental consequences of hybrid vehicles”

Howard Gou

“Valuation of advanced wireless services spectrum: Historical regression and discounted cash flow models”

James Keith

“Do school resources matter? Measuring the impact of school inputs on the percentage of students going on to college”

Rajat Singhal

“Convertible bonds and their valuation”


Jennifer Freyja Helgeson

“Effectiveness of federal and state right-to-know toxic use reduction legislation in the printed wire board industry: An economic assessment of transparency in environmental protection legislation”

Cameron Kaplan

“Worker productivity: How job status can moderate the economic impact of illness”

Thomas Bryant Pernikoff

“Game theory and antitrust law: Could the study of game theory contribute to a more efficient antitrust system?”

Kassian Polin

“Provincial income convergence between China and India”

Greg Sasso

“Tariff levels after a most-favored nation rule”

Gloria Sheu

“The cotton triangle: United States market power in the nineteenth century raw cotton trade”

Aaron Szekel

“Test of semi-strong form market efficiency using publicly traded soccer clubs in Europe”

Mina Yoshioka

“Understanding the gender wage gap in Japan: An economic and anthropological examination of gender discrimination in the Japanese labor force”


Nalini Bajaj

“The Japanese postal savings system: Government-run savings bank hindering private bank profitability”

Alan Berk

“Does trickle-down economics work? A study of Reagan’s tax cuts and their effects on the economy and inequality”

Matthew Bloom

“Financial sector development and macroeconomic stability in Central and Eastern European countries”

Hai Chi

“The capital market effects of European airline industry liberalization”

Mehrun Etebari

“An analysis of specialty cooperative membership as a tool for increasing welfare for coffee farmers”

Emmanuel Grenader

“The effect of district MCAS scores on property values”

Matthew Harris

“Implications of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the comprehensive HIV and AIDS care, management and treatment plan in the republic of South Africa”

Adam Landau

“The favourite long-shot bias: Does it always exist?”

Erica Melville

“An economic analysis of snowboarding’s effect on the ski industry”

“Essays on exchange rate and monetary policy”

Yelena Trepetin

“How does the application of the current tort liability system to medical malpractice affect health care costs in the United States? Is reform necessary?”

Sudip Verma

“Revisiting the deregulation of the US airline industry”

“Cuba’s private sector: Labor reallocation in the context of dollarization and economic reforms”


“International intellectual property protection: north verses south and the TRIPS agreement”

“The discount in foreign exchange black markets in Colombia”

Lonn Drucker

“The impact of educational inputs: A critical look at public education in Hawaii”

“A study of production, depletion, and environmental regulation in forestry”

Robert Greenberg

“Open source software development”

“Market structure, technological change and the environment: investigating the relationships in the energy and automobile industries”

Claudia Le
“An empirical study of pricing behavior and ‘frictionless commerce’ on the Internet”

“Oil: the pipeline to economic growth”

“Asset management in China: An evaluation of the strategy and performance of the Chinese AMCs”

Vietnam’s integration into world markets

“Spiders: how well do they track?: A qualitative and quantitative analysis”

“A market of emotions: Bubble-testing the S&P 500 index during the 1990’s: implications for passive investment management”

“Weathering the storm of deregulation: Greek banks in an integrated European market”

“The effects of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 on federal securities fraud class action litigation”

Peter Novak

“Development of tourism at Lake Balaton, Hungary: Increasing tourism revenues”

Yael Slater

“Microsoft’s Innovation Rate and Technological Strategy”


“The dividend puzzle: A risk signalling approach”

“The true effects of budget deficits and the federal debt: The economic realities behind the political debate”

“Modeling financial markets using computer simulations of the minority game”

James Holley

“Competitive strategy in the semiconductor industry: A case of information barriers”

“An evolutionary approach to understanding mergers and acquisitions”

“The effect of the Internet on export industries of China and India”

“Real estate over-development: A study of the differences across cycles and geographic locations”

Karthik Narasimhan

“Short-term and long-term effects of E-commerce on tax base”

“Business crisis, online media reports, and the stock market: A study evaluating the relationship between media reports regarding business crisis and the stock market”

“A woman’s strategy: An economics analysis of college females’ major selection and gender segregation in the classroom”

“Insider trading and effects on stock prices”

“The effects of federal R&D on the U.S. biotech industry: An econometric analysis”


“Which came first, the HMO or the MRI? Managed care and technology adoption”

“The impact of information technology on the United States and the European Union”

“The U.S. antidumping law: A bias in its implementation towards domestic producers”

“The internet and its impact on the economic growth of metropolitan regions”

“US immigration policy: Winners and losers in the American economy”

Vladimir Liberzon

“The U.S. gasoline taxation: Is there an econometric justification”

WenLin Soh

“An industry in fast forward; Rewind to play: Putting the effect of the internet revolution on the motional picture industry in historical perspective”


“Money laundering in emerging markets: The Russian experience”

“Economic value added and security valuation: Does EVA analysis lead to better stock picking?”

“Capital mobility and emerging economies: A look at Russia”

“To buy, or not to buy, online? A demand analysis of planned and impulse purchasing in retail bookselling”

“The risks of value at risk”

“Expanding trade links for MERCOSUR: Economic effects of the EU and NAFTA options”

“Barriers to entry in e-commerce and their effect on internet company valuation metrics”