Know the Numbers



Bomb Threat

In the event of a bomb threat, follow these procedures:

1. DO NOT pull the manual fire alarm.

2. Call 6-3333 from office phone or, after you are more than 100 feet from the building, by cell phone.

3. Faculty/staff: Notify your supervisor and/or building captain. Students: Notify your community adviser or quad director.

4. If essential personal belongings are close at hand (e.g., wallet/purse and medications), you may take them, but do not jeopardize your personal safety.

5. Evacuate the building through the nearest exit and proceed to an area at least 100 feet from the main building entrance. Do NOT use elevators.

6. Await instruction from public safety officials or your building captain, community adviser or quad director. Do not reenter a building until authorized by emergency personnel. 

7. Refrain from touching an electronic device, including light switches, until you are at least 100 feet from the main building. 

8. Await further instructions from public safety officers.