Fall 2014 Graduate Courses

100-Level Courses

Note: 100-level classes are open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Course Number Course Title Instructor Time
ENG 127b Migrating Bodies, Migrating Texts Faith Smith MW 3:30-4:50
ENG 134b Subjectivity Laura Quinney MWTh 1-1:50
ENG 140b Hipsters on Trial: Irony, Meaning, and Style in the Digital Age Kyle Stevens TF 9:30-10:50
ENG 150a Sex and Cinema Rani Neutill MWTh 12-12:50
Screening: M 6:30-8:30
ENG 171a The History of Literary Criticism David Sherman TF 12:30-1:50
ENG 187a American Fiction Since 1945 Caren Irr TF 11-12:20
ENG 188b Capitalism and Culture Caren Irr TTh 2-3:20

200-Level Courses

Note: 200-level courses are for graduate students only. The signature of a department representative is required for enrollment in all 200-level English courses.

Course Number Course Name Instructor Time
ENG 200a Approaches to Literary and Cultural Studies Ulka Anjaria T 2-4:50
ENG 202a Thomas Malory: Fiction before Novels Mary Baine Campbell M 9-11:50
ENG 245a Naturalism between Realism and Modernism, 1880-1930 John Plotz Th 2:00-4:50
ENG 241b Theory of Poetry Laura Quinney W 9-11:50