Spring 2016 Graduate Courses

100-Level Courses

Note: 100-level classes are open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Course Number Course Title Instructor Time
ENG 130a Representing Poverty Caren Irr MWTh 12-12:50
COML/ENG 141b Literature and Time Laura Quinney MW 3:30-4:50
ENG 142a Literary Booms: Latin America, South Asia, and Beyond Roanne Kantor TTh 5-6:20
ENG 162b Narratives of Disability in South Asia Roanne Kantor TF 12:30-1:50
ENG 173a Spenser & Milton William Flesch MWTh 9-9:50
ENG 197b Within the Veil Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman MWTh 11-11:50

200-Level Courses

Note: 200-level classes are for graduate students only. The signature of a department representative is required for enrollment in all 200-level English courses.

Course Number Course Title Instructor Time
ENG 233a Shakespeare William Flesch M 2:00-4:50
ENG 247a American Literary Geographies Jerome Tharaud W 2:00-4:50
ENG 266a Slavery and the American Imagination John Burt T 2:00-4:50
ENG 299b Classroom Pedagogy & the Teaching of Writing Joshua Lederman Th 5-7:50
ENG 350a Proseminar David Sherman Alternating Tuesdays 9:30-10:50