David G. Pass

David G PassPhD - ABD
MA in Literary and Cultural Studies, Carnegie Mellon University
BA in English, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests

20th and 21st Century American Literature, The American Novel, Critical Race Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Literary Theory, Queer Theory, Deconstruction, Film and Media Studies.


Privilege Disembodied: Prisms of White Masculinity in Civil Rights Era American Fiction.

Primary Advisor

Professor Caren Irr


"Emasculation as Genderlessness: A Masculinity Studies Reading of Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man." Accepted; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor American Men's Studies Association (AMSA), November 2013

"The Rules of Competitive Knowledge: An Analysis of the Gendered Performance of Football Spectatorship." Second-year Graduate Student Symposium, Brandeis University, October 2011

"What Can You Do with a Masters Degree in Literary and Cultural Studies?" 25th year anniversary of the Literary and Cultural Studies Program at CMU Conference, September 2012

"Un-queering Brokeback Mountain: Masculinity, Melodrama and the Familial Paradox." Melodrama Graduate Student Conference, Brandeis University English Department, February 2015


Staff Editor: Daedalus, Campus Literary Magazine, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Publications in Daedalus: Paroxysm: 1999 (short story)

Breathing Exercise: 2007 (short story)


Edwin E. Hokin Fellowship (two-time recipient), Brandeis University, 2011-2013

Outstanding Student Award, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, 2008

College Reading & Learning Association Tutoring Award, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, 2007

Courses Taught

UWS: "Mapping Manhood: Representations of Masculinity in Film Since Classic Hollywood" Brandeis University, Fall 2012, Spring 2013, & Fall 2013

"Literacy: Educational Theory and Community Practice" Student Literacy Mentor Professor Linda Flower, Carnegie Mellon University, Fall 2008

(TF) "Classic Hollywood Cinema" Professor Paul Morrison, Fall 2011

(TF) "The Films of Disney" Professor Caren Irr, Spring 2012

(TF) "American Independent Film" Professor Caren Irr, Spring 2013

(TF) "Introduction to Literary Studies" Professor Thomas King, Spring 2014

Favorite Work

"A Passage to India