A Tradition of Activism

Historically, Brandeis students are known as passionate activists, involved in spirited debate and affecting change.

Today, our students uphold Brandeis' tradition of activism. Many are actively involved in environmental groups on campus and in the greater community.

Who and Why We Are

Never before has one species had the power to so dramatically harm the biosphere but also the knowledge and potential to exercise restraint.

At Brandeis there is a growing appreciation for the complexity of current environmental challenges. Each alarming new report on climate, extinction rates, marine dead zones and other environmental crises reminds us that true sustainable development remains maddeningly elusive.

In spring 2009 a group of faculty, administrators and students decided to launch an initiative to help better educate ourselves and the wider community about the issues surrounding climate change and other threats to our global environment. Building upon the already-strong Sustainability Initiative at Brandeis, the Brandeis Forum on Environmental Crisis was born.

The information on these pages are the product of the Forum's early meetings and events. We are exploring using blogs, discussion boards, wikis, and other social media efforts. Stay tuned for more growth in 2011-12.

Our Goals

The Brandeis Forum on Environmental Crisis plans to:

  • better educate the Brandeis campus about basic issues of Climate Change, threats to biodiversity, to clean food and water, and also to inform people about more positive developments – in green entrepreneurship, in successful conservation and restoration of species and habitats.
  • improve the information-flow across campus
  • get to know each other better and learn more about what it is we already do well in the area of environmental change (teaching, research, events and activities etc.)
  • present debate and research on environmental issues in more visible, comprehensible, cross-disciplinary ways
  • become an advocacy group on environmental issues, on campus and beyond
  • work closely with our neighbors in the Waltham community
  • create a series of events at which members of this group and outside speakers discuss their work
  • explore potential curricular initiatives and plan future events