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Sabine Von MeringProf. Sabine von Mering launches "Climate Change and the Humanities," a new blog exploring the intersections of literature, culture and science that will complement a course she is planning to teach in 2011-12.

Read her latest posts:

- "International Green Talents Competition 2011"
- "Germany to close all nuclear powerplants by 2022"

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Happening Now: Brandeis sophomore Geneva Boyer garners national attention through her poetry on the environment

There is now a broad consensus among climatologists and other earth and life scientists that humanity is involved in a dangerous experiment with the climate. Never before has one species had the power to so dramatically harm the biosphere but also the knowledge and potential to exercise restraint.

The Brandeis Forum on Environmental Crisis encompasses faculty, students, and staff representing a wide variety of departments, centers, and schools who have come together to learn, discuss and act on environmental challenges affecting the planet today. By focusing on climate change, the challenges to biodiversity, green business solutions, and issues surrounding global food, water, and health from an interdisciplinary perspective, we hope to raise awareness, share knowledge, and inspire teaching and research about these issues at Brandeis and beyond. 

Since our effort is meant to be a "conversation" between Brandeis scholarship and action, and the world at large, we are experimenting with social media tools including blogs and wikis.