Mari Fitzduff


Mari Fitzduff

Mari Fitzduff is professor and director of the international Master of Arts Program in Coexistence and Conflict at Brandeis University.

From 1997 to 2003, she held a chair of conflict studies at the University of Ulster where she was director of UNU/INCORE, which addresses the management of ethnic, political, and religious conflict through an integrated approach using research, training, policy, program, and practice development. From 1990 to 1997, she was chief executive of the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council, which works with government, statutory bodies, trade unions, churches, community groups, security groups, ex-prisoners, businesses, and politicians, developing programs and training to address issues of conflict resolution in Northern Ireland.

She has also worked on programs addressing conflict issues in many countries--including the Basque Country, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, and Indonesia--and is utilized as an international expert by many governments and international organizations on issues of conflict and coexistence. 

Fitzduff's publications include Beyond Violence: Conflict Resolution Processes in Northern Ireland (2002), published by the United Nations University Press/Brookings, the winner of an American Library Notable Publications Award; Community Conflict Skills, first published in 1988 and now in its fourth edition; and NGOs at the Table, published by Rowan and Littlefield in 2004. Her most recent publication, The Psychology of Resolving Global Conflicts, is a three-volume series co-edited with Chris Stout, published by Praegar Press in 2006. She also has written Core Competencies for Graduate Programs in Coexistence and Conflict Work - Can We Agree? a four-page brochure suggesting core competencies for graduate programs like the Slifka master's program.