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Brandeis International Fellows 2001-2003

Human Rights, Intervention, and International Law

The 2001-03 Brandeis International Fellowships in Human Rights, Intervention, and International Law convened ten scholars, educators, activists and judges from around the world for a combination of collaborative sessions and individual reflection. Their efforts focus on developing a framework for reflective practice in international courts on issues of human rights and intervention. Participants in the program attended three institutes over eighteen months designed to develop a  methodology for orienting new international judges to ideas and responsibilities in these areas. They also produced projects related to the Fellows program, such as scholarly articles or teaching modules for judges. Over the course of the program, their work pioneered new frameworks for thinking about international intervention and human rights, and new means of preparing jurists for the challenges of this emerging field.

Meet the 2001-2003 Fellows or view a detailed description (pdf) of the program.

Brandeis International Fellows 2001: Human Rights, Intervention, and International Law was funded by the Rice Family Foundation.