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First Institute


Brandeis International Fellows 2001-2003

The First Institute

The Experience
The Fellows meet together for three one-week institutes: in November 2001, June 2002, and April 2003. Between institutes, they will work on research, writing and education projects designed to enhance the reflective practice of the international judiciary in the areas of human rights and intervention. The second institute, in June 2002, will coincide with a pilot program for international judges, in which the Fellows will participate.

The Institutes draw upon the experience of the Fellows, and on the expertise of guest scholars and practitioners from Brandeis University, the Boston area, and the northeastern United States.

The First Institute November 11-16, 2001
The Fellows met for the first time in November, 2001, for a week of intensive discussions. The core of the program consisted of ten hour-long discussions, each of which focused on the professional experience and perspective of one of the Fellows. These conversations began the process of creating a common basis of knowledge on which collaborative work can built. In addition, the Fellows engaged in dialogues with Justice Richard Goldstone and with Michael Ignatieff, Director of the Carr Center for Human Rights at Harvard University. Meetings with faculty, students and staff from Brandeis University and a public panel discussion on the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks rounded out the week.

The pilot judicial education project scheduled for June, 2002—The Brandeis Institute for International Judges (BIIJ)—was of particular interest to the Fellows, who left Brandeis University eager to contribute to that program. The Fellows are currently proposing sessions for the BIIJ that will be considered by the core faculty for the Institute.