CHYME Partner Organizations

Center for Youth and Communities, Heller Graduate School, Brandeis University

Since 1983, the Center for Youth and Communities (CYC) has established a national reputation as a leading research, professional development and policy center in the broad area of youth and community development. Its faculty and staff are committed to university-community partnerships as a means of strengthening the field and to maintaining the balance between theory and practice, research and practical experience. Professor Susan Curnan is the director.

Jewish-Arab Center for Peace at the Givat Haviva Educational Institute
The Jewish Arab Center for Peace was established in 1963 at the Givat Haviva Kibbutz Artzi Educational Center. The mission is to foster closer relations between the Jews and the Arabs in Israel, to educate for mutual understanding, and to promote partnership between the two communities. The Center functions within the spirit of humanism and in the belief that all human beings are equal in both dignity and worth. It strives to lead the way to the realization of democracy and civil equality between the Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel; to create social and cultural pluralism in the country; and to achieve reconciliation and peace among the countries of the region. The Center initiates innovative models for the advancement of its educational and social aims, and operates by way of encounters, dialogue, partnership, study and research. The Center confronts the inequality between Arabs and Jews in Israel. It has several specific areas of focus, including Arabic Studies, education for children, youth and adults in peace studies, and specific programs in regional cooperation.

Masar is a regional independent, non-profit organization based in Amman, Jordan and works in the fields of youth, media, and democracy. Masar is a partner in the following projects:

  • Crossing Borders Regional Magazine. Crossing Borders is a bimonthly youth magazine for youth in Jordan, Israel (Jews and Arabs), and Palestine. The project is funded by the Danish Government, is coordinated by the International People’s College in Denmark and aims to provide youth in the Middle East with a free forum to know each other and exchange ideas and visions.
  • Democracy Education for Youth, Youth Leaders and Young Journalists. The project is funded by the European Union and is implemented in partnership with the Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace, based in Jerusalem.
  • The NIR School of the Heart is a project which aims at educating youth from Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt on cardiology. The project provides professional training for youth interested in cardiology and willing to pursue further studies after they graduate from secondary school.

The Palestinian House of Friendship (PHF)
The Palestinian House of Friendship is a non-governmental organization, which was established as a response to the peace talks in Nablus in 1994 with a board of directors of different backgrounds. The founders wanted to establish a center that could be informative about the needs of the Palestinian people in transition from occupation to civil society. Its stated mission is "to establish and develop links and relations of friendship between the local Palestinian society and other nations." PHF works primarily with youth to start talking to others on the "outside." To do this, PHF provides specialized skills development programs and like SHAMS has started a magazine for Palestinian youth. Their long-term goal is for Palestinians to begin to accept "others and benefit from their differences to enrich human experience." Their programs include: civic education and community services, democracy, peace and conflict resolution issues, cultural programs, music and fine arts activities, and language teaching in English and Hebrew. PHF is financially self-sustaining based on the fees it earns from language courses and from some local economic assistance; it has no political affiliation.