Juvenile Justice at a Crossroads I: Blue Book

Project summary and teaching curriculum for the project. 

Juvenile Justice at a Crossroads II: Final Project Report

This final report includes a summary of the four quarterly reports for the grant period from July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2002, and a brief compilation of the on-site "Summary and Resolutions" from each of the five seminars provided for in the renewal grant. 

Juvenile Justice at the Crossroads

Literature-Based Seminars for Judges, Court Personnel, and Community Leaders

"Juvenile Justice at the Crossroads: Literature-Based Seminars for Judges, Court Personnel and Community Leaders," a grant funded by the State Justice Institute (SJI) under Special Interest Category II.B.2.h — children and families in court — was implemented between June 1, 1999, and October 31, 2000. During this time, the academic director of the Brandeis Seminars, under the aegis of the International Center or Ethics, Justice, and public Life at Brandeis University, worked with the Judicial Institute of the Massachusetts Trial Court to create six day-long seminars using literary texts to prompt discussion of issues crucial to juvenile justice, as well as a seventh day-long meeting of focus groups to evaluate the process.

At the end of this grant period, we published a 40-page blue book with served as both project summary and teaching curriculum for the project. Moreover, the State Justice Institute invited us to apply for a renewal grant to continue the work of the first grant.

This second grant, #99-N-150-Co1-1, was received in March 2001 and was implemented between July 1, 2001, and June 30, 2002. In this continuation grant we aspired to promulgate more concrete and constructive solutions to present problems facing both children and staff in juvenile justice. We also sough to expand our participant base to hear new voices with "grassroots" concerns, to utilize new tests and more diverse literary forms to create the important dialogue which is the hallmark of the Brandeis Seminars. Finally, we resolved to disseminate more fully and completely our shared insights with an end to replicating these seminars in various venues not only in the state of Massachusetts, as these have been, but in the nation.