1998 Fellows

Liora Cobin '99 majored in African and Afro-American Studies with a minor in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. Liora worked with the Interfaith Action for Racial Justice in Baltimore, Maryland. She worked with study circles and helped to start a new youth initiative for the organization, which promotes cooperative projects between African-Americans and whites in the Baltimore area. These initiatives are part of the project entitled 3Call to Community - An Honest Conversation about Race, Reconciliation and Responsibility. Her mentor was Dessima Williams of the sociology department.

Internship Project
Baltimore, Maryland: Interfaith Action for Racial Justice

Manuel Costescu '99 majored in economics with a minor in math. For the first half of his internship, Manuel worked at the Bagamoyo College of Art in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Manuel combined travel with research to learn about the role of the arts in promoting ethnic coexistence at the grassroots level. The second half of his internship was at GTZ (Gesellschaft fur technische Zusammenarbeit) in Lushoto, working on prevention measures for bubonic plague control. His mentor was Jessie Ann Owens of the music department.

Internship Project
Bagamoyo, Tanzania: Bagamoyo College of Art
Lushoto, Tanzania: GTZ (Gesellschaft fur technische Zusammenarbeit)

Nageeb Ali '99 majored in economics, math, and sociology. Nageeb worked for the Rural Support Programme of Aga Khan Foundation, in Karachi, Pakistan as a research economist, analyzing the efficacy of their rural credit program. This organization provided a fully collateralized loan to village organizations that were then made responsible for loan allocation among the villagers and loan recovery. His task was to develop an analysis of where the credit is used, how it is repaid, when does peer monitoring work, and what the income cycle of a villager is like. Nageeb accomplished this by walking from village to village, sometimes 5-6 km a day, interviewing villagers (picking up a little of the Urdu and Balti languages along the way). His mentor was Ruth Morgenthau of the politics department and the Sustainable International Development program.

Internship Project
Karachi, Pakistan: Aga Khan Foundation, Rural Support Programme

Benjamin Singerman '99 studied history,economics, Spanish, Latin American studies, and international studies. Ben worked in Archidona, Ecuador for the Fundacion Sinchi Sacha, helping to establish a new museum of indigenous art in the Amazon jungle. The Museo de Arte Etnico Amazonico is working with the minority Indian communities as well as the majority Spanish communities to better incorporate both points of view in the museum design. His mentor was Silvia Arrom of the history department and the Latin American studies program.

Internship Project
Archidona, Ecuador: Fundacion Sinchi Sacha, Museo de Arte Etnico Amazonico

Eldad Elnekave '00 studied biology, anthropology, and philosophy. Eldad worked for Medical Care Development International. His specific assignment was with the Child Survival and Community Health Project in Cuamba, Mozambique. Eldad examined the work of traditional healers vs. doctors in the area, and designed and implemented a questionnaire about maternal nutrition and child health. His mentor was David Wong of the philosophy department.

Internship Poject
Cuamba, Mozambique: Medical Care Development International, Child Survival and Community Health Project

Brahmy Poologasingham '00 majored in politics and English, and was in the International Studies program. Brahmy divided her time between the NOVA program at the University of Pretoria, and the National Interest Public Law and Research (NIPLAR) program, both in Pretoria, South Africa. Click here to read her essay about her internship experiences. NOVA tackles the problems of housing development and poverty in South Africa. In her work with NIPLAR, Brahmy was involved in research on rape prevention and education. Her mentor was Seyom Brown of the politics department.

Internship Project
Pretoria, South Africa: NOVA Program and NIPLAR (National Interest Public Law and Research

Ariele Cohen '99 majored in politics and minored in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. Ariele divided her time between Sofia, Bulgaria and Belgrade, Yugoslavia. In Belgrade, she worked with the Center for Anti-War Action under the supervision of Dragan Popadic, a psychologist who was one of the Brandeis International Fellows. In Sofia, Ariele worked for the Institute for Liberal Studies. Founded in 1995, the ILS works to promote human rights, tolerance, and the integration of Turkish and gypsy minorities in the civic society. Her mentor was Steven Burg of the politics department.

Internship Project
Sofia, Bulgaria: Institute for Liberal Studies
Belgrade, Yugoslavia: Center for Anti-War Action

Forsan Hussein '00 majored in economics, and designed his own concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies. Forsan worked with B'Tselem: The Israel Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. B'Tselem analyzes and documents information on major human rights violations on the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip and raises issues for public debate. His field work involved interviews with victims and their families. His mentor was Gordon Fellman of the sociology department and the peace and conflict studies program.

Internship Project
Jerusalem, B'Tselem: The Israel Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories