2000 Fellows

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Sarah-Bess Dworin '01 studied literature, philosophy, art history, and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. While attending high school in her hometown of Highland Park, Illinois, she was student coordinator for Habitat for Humanity. Sarah-Bess's work experience includes an archaeological dig in Beit Guvrin, Israel, and a Lewis Summer Internship in Chicago, working in a transitional homeless shelter. At Brandeis, Sarah-Bess continued her tradition of community activism and volunteer service working with Students for a Free Tibet, organizing an evening of Tibetan-Jewish dialogue to explore cultural and ideological exchanges. She cofounded an on-campus club to bring emergency financial aid to victims in Bangladesh, and a new club called "The Brandeis World Hunger Project". Sarah-Bess also served as president of Hillel Theater Group. She worked at three sites in Northern Ireland: The Corrymeela Community (Ballycastle), Ballynafeigh Community House (Belfast), and Shankill Stress & Trauma Group (Belfast). Mentor: Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela African & Afro-American studies.

Nakisha Evans '02 is from St. Petersburg, Florida. She is majoring in African/Afro-American Studies and politics and is enrolled in the journalism program. During her first year at Brandeis she was a member of the Transitional Year Program. She is a co-founder and coordinator of Societies Organized Against Racism (SOAR). In high school she participated in the International Baccalaureate Program, which takes an intercultural approach to education. Nakisha credits her IB experience for exposing her to the concept of coexistence and helping her to see her connections to the larger world community as well as how to negotiate the inevitable differences. Along with Zachary Sherwin, Nakisha joined Ikamva Labantu, a non-profit organization that supports democracy in post-apartheid South Africa by providing educational and economic resources to community members in the townships. Mentor: April Powell-Willingham, Heller School and International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life.

Sophia Moon '02 is majoring in sociology and politics and is enrolled in the Peace and Conflict Studies Program. Her home is in Brooklyn, New York. Sophia is an active member of the "Posse" program on campus. She participated in the residency with Jane Sapp, which was part of the event "Coexistence and Community-Building at Brandeis University and in the World." During the summer of 1999, Sophia ventured to mainland China with the China Teaching Team teaching conversational English. In Northern Ireland, Sophia worked at The Rural Community Network, an organization that is committed to reconciliation work through family and community.

Tova Neugut '01 came to Brandeis from Amherst, Massachusetts. Tova majored in politics and sociology, and was enrolled in the Women's Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies Programs. Tova spent the summer of 1999 in Grenada working with GRENED in the Summer Science program for youth ages 9-14. In high school, Tova co-produced a video documenting conditions at the school. The video was aired on community television locally and won the "Friend of Education" award, which is presented annually in school districts nation-wide. At Brandeis she served as student representative to the University Curriculum Committee, captain of the women's Ultimate Frisbee team, and a member of Students for a Free Tibet and the Committee on Rape Education. Tova traveled to Grenada, where she continued the Brandeis presence with GRENED, the Grenada Education and Development Programme. Tova worked on a documentary history project covering the period of the United States intervention in Grenada. Mentor: Jackie Jones, history.

Zachary Sherwin '02 comes from Springfield, Missouri. He is majoring in politics and is enrolled in the Legal Studies program. As an 8 year old he lived in Israel for a year where he became fluent in Hebrew. He returned to Israel for six weeks as a high school student, where he worked on Kibbutz Gezer with students from other countries in the world. Their work involved constructing an outdoor pavilion and visiting Arab villages. He now teaches Hebrew School in Belmont, MA for his second year. Zachary spent the two summers previous to his intership summers at Camp Rainbow working with children with life-threatening diseases. Along with Nakisha Evans, Zachary worked with Ikamva Labantu, a non-profit organization that supports democracy in post-apartheid South Africa by providing educational and economic resources to community members in the townships. Mentor: Andreas Teuber, philosophy.

Andrew Slack '02 is a sociology major from Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania. In high school, Andrew was instrumental in creating an after school program "Coffee Talk"; was cofounder and executive board member of the Community Police and Youth Association; and was a member of the National Blue Ribbon Committee. His show on Brandeis television, entitled "Late Nite Snack with Andrew Slack," is designed to empower activism on campus. He organized a vigil in the spring of 1999 mourning the tragedy of Columbine High School and the suffering of youth across our world. He is cofounder of the Sitting Group (a meditation club), and member of Amnesty International, Activist Resource Center, Posse Plus, and Students Against The Death Penalty. In Norhtern Ireland, Andrew worked with The Corrymeela Community, which is committed to reconciliation work through family and community. Mentor: Karen Klein, English and American literature. .