Internship Ideas

With the world at your fingertips, your internship site possibilities are endless!!! You are not limited to the organizations listed below. These are provided as suggestions only, and do not imply Ethics Center endorsement of the organizations (particularly for those sites that have not had Student Fellows in the past). Please note that with the exception of Latin American sites there is no foreign language requirement.

For those organizations that have hosted Fellows in years past, information about the student’s project is posted online (see links at right). Make sure your proposed internship site relates to the mission and guiding principles of the International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life.

For more ideas, visit the University’s webpage for Undergraduate Academic Internships. Keep in mind that internships that are available in summer may also be available in fall/spring and visa versa.

Information about additional organizations is available in paper files in the Ethics Center office. Stop by from 9-5 weekdays to take a look.



Contact Inc.: Brisbane
2006-William Chalmus
A youth centered organization which, through social justice principles, embraces a diversity of cultures to support and develop young peoples cultural work.
CONTACT: Zoe Scrogings


Access to Information Programme Foundation: Sofia
2006-Joshua Rosenthal
An organization that works to promote the right to information through civic education, transparency of government, and advocacy.
CONTACT: Diana Bancheva


Reyum: Phnom Penh

2004-Daniel Ludevig and Joshua Russell
A community empowerment center and art gallery dedicated to promoting and preserving Cambodian art.
CONTACT: Ly Daravuth

Womyn’s Agenda for Change: Phnom Penh

2004-Joshua Russell
Works for grassroots empowerment of Cambodian women, particularly sex workers and garment workers.
CONTACT: Rosanna Barbero

China (and elsewhere)

International Bridges to Justice
2008-Angela Tse
In recognition of the fundamental principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, IBJ is dedicated to protecting the basic legal rights of ordinary citizens in developing countries. Specifically, IBJ works to guarantee all citizens the right to competent legal representation, the right to be protected from cruel and unusual punishment, and the right to a fair trial. Offices located throughout the world.
CONTACT: Jennifer Smith


Hope Community Services
2008-Avram Mlotek
An organization that runs an orphanage for Ethiopian children, schools for the blind, and the facilitation of medical services for local communities.
CONTACT: Gabe Beyene

The Gambia

African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights
Promotes and protects human rights and collective (peoples') rights throughout Africa.

Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa (IHRDA)
Promotes respect for human rights by strengthening the human rights institutions in Africa, ensuring compliance with the existing norms and making the system widely accessible to victims of human rights violations and other actors of civil society.


The Kokkalis Foundation: Athens
2006-Kosmas Kaprinis
Works to promote the peaceful, democratic, and prosperous Southeastern Europe through the development of public, cultural and scientific life in the region.
CONTACT: Margarita Gogou


The Grenada Education and Development Programme

2000-Tova Neugut; 1999-Karen Hovav
A non-governmental organization focused on education issues in Grenada.


Maharashtra Organic Farming Federation: Maharashtra
2007-Neena Pathak
A confederation of small NGO's and farmers promoting and disseminating knowledge about the benefits of organic agriculture, analyzing alternatives to current government and transnational corporation policies that have been connected to a rash of farmer suicides.
CONTACT: Mr. Dilip Baradkhar

Population Services International
2008-Hannah Janoowalla
A non-profit organization that addresses the health problems of low-income and vulnerable populations in more than 60 developing countries. With programs in malaria, reproductive health, child survival and HIV, PSI promotes products, services and healthy behavior that enable low-income and vulnerable people to lead healthier lives.
CONTACT: Chandra Ramamurthy

Organization that focuses on improving the conditions of marginalized communities by promoting peace education, gender justice, and indigenous knowledge such as agricultural productivity.
CONTACT: Managing trustee Ms. Gazala Paul, Brandeis Coexistence Program alumna


All for Peace: Jerusalem
A Palestinian-Israeli Radio Station broadcasting in Hebrew, Arabic and English, which aims at a wide audience amongst both people and provides messages of peace, cooperation, mutual understanding, coexistence and hope.

B’Tselem: The Israel Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories: Jerusalem
1998-Forsan Hussein
Analyzes and documents information on major human rights violations on the West Bank and Gaza Strip and raises issues for public debate.
CONTACT: Zvi Shulman

Bat Shalom; Jerusalem
1999-Tamara Beliak
An Israeli national feminist grassroots organization of Jewish and Palestinian Israeli women working together for a genuine peace grounded in a just resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict, respect for human rights, and an equal voice for Jewish and Arab women within Israeli society.
CONTACT: Gila Svirsky

Gesher: Jerusalem

2001-Daniel Weinstein
Promotes dialogue between secular and religious Jews through the implementation of educational programs.

Yemin Orde Children's Village
2008-Avram Mlotek
A home and school for 500 children aged 6-18 from difficult family circumstances. Over 55% of the children are from Ethiopia.
CONTACT: Susan Weijel

Reut Sadaka: Jaffa
2005-Anna Nguyen
A Jewish-Arab youth organization for peace and democracy.
CONTACT: Genevieve Nardeau

Middle East Non-Violence and Democracy: Jerusalem
1999-Tamara Beliak
Palestinian institution addressing issues related to nonviolence and democracy through a variety of projects focused primarily on training and utilizing innovative media techniques. MEND’s priority is to work to create a more democratic and nonviolent climate for all Palestinians.
CONTACT: Lucy Nusseibeh


CREATA (Center for Regeneration and Empowerment of Africa Through Africa)

An organization that places international students in internships, exchanges, and homestays in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Created by East Africans as a grassroots placement service, CREATA staff work with individuals to custom-design an internship program in any area of interest, select the right homestay, and monitor the placement, providing a native African go-to person for any questions at any stage of the experience.

Kakamega Environmental Education Program: Kenya
2007-Jamie Pottern
An organization aiding education and forest conservation efforts in the Kakamega rainforest, as well as promoting sustainable development.  This internship is arranged through the Foundation for Sustainable Development.

Kericho District Development Initiatives: Kericho
The Kericho District Development Initiatives encompass a plethora of projects, touching upon everything from sustainable development and micro-credit to education promotion and AIDS relief. The development initiatives also espouse the goal of ending gender-based violence, a prevalent problem in Africa.
CONTACT: Esther Keino, Member of the Kenyan Parliament

World Agroforestry Centre: Nairobi

The Centre aims to spread information regarding agroforestry, the practice of growing trees on farms, which will aid and improve the livelihoods of the African agricultural poor and help to maintain a natural resource base. Click here to learn about Dr. Mohamed Bakarr, Assistant Director General of the World Agroforestry Centre, who visited Brandeis in February 2007 as the Ethics Center's first Distinguished Visiting Practitioner. Please note that applications  should be submitted to Training Officer, World Agroforestry Centre, PO Box 30677-00100, Nairobi, betweeen three and six months before the date that the applicant proposes to begin the internship.
CONTACT: Hellen Ochieng


Family Art and Literacy Center
Help Professor Jane Hale (Romance Studies) establish this first-of-a-kind cultural center in the beautiful mountain kingdom of Lesotho, an independent nation surrounded by South Africa.  Funded by Rotary International, the Center will bring together the work of two new volunteer organizations—Family Literacy Lesotho and Children’s Art Organization of Lesotho—in a central space.  The Center will provide workspace, supplies, storage, and a creative community for local artists and writers who are developing Lesotho’s first children’s picture books in the Sesotho language. 
CONTACT: Professor Jane Hale


Medical Care Development International, Child Survival and Community Health Project: Cuamba
1998-Eldad Elnekave
Works to fund medical care for the underprivileged.


Asian Study Center for Political & Conflict Transformation (ASPECT)
2008-Aaron Voldman
An organization that focuses on peacebuilding and conflict transformation.
CONTACT: Manish Thapa

Northern Ireland

Ballynafeigh Community House: Belfast
2000-Sarah-Bess Dworin
Acts as a "focal point" for local groups and projects. Current projects include welfare rights, legal advice, an after-schools club, crèche, play group, parent and toddler, journeys development program for women, young adults citizenship program, finance and IT, community facilitation, social energy and mixed links.

Community Relations Council: Belfast
Set up to promote better community relations between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland and, equally, to promote recognition of cultural diversity. Provides support (finance, training, advice, information) for local groups and organizations; Develops opportunities for cross-community understanding; Increases public awareness of community relations work; Encourages constructive debate throughout Northern Ireland.
CONTACT: Elana Kogan

Corrymeela Community: Ballycastle
2001-Maryanne Cullinan; 2000-Sarah-Bess Dworin and Andrew Slack
Retreat center committed to reconciliation and the healing of social, religious, and political divisions.
CONTACT: David Stevens
Linen Hall Library: Belfast
Oldest library in Belfast whose collections include the 250,000 items in the Northern Ireland Political Collection, the definitive archive of the Troubles. Offers cultural and political events to the community.

Nerve Centre: Derry
2005-Ava Morgenstern; 2004-Patrick Raymond
By bringing popular music, film, video, animation and interactive multimedia together under one roof, the Nerve Centre promotes creative collaboration and fusion between artists and provides a cultural outlet for many young people who feel excluded from what is traditionally regarded as the "arts sector."
CONTACTS: John Peto, Aisleain McGill

Peace & Reconciliation Group: Derry
2005-Julia Resnitsky
Works toward understanding and reconciliation in Northern Ireland through dialogue and mediation.
CONTACT: Michael Doherty

The Rural Community Network: Cookstown, Co. Tyrone
2000-Sophia Moon
Organization committed to reconciliation work through family and community
CONTACT: Marion Green


Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Center
A nonprofit organization in Kigali, Rwanda with a mission to testify, to study genocide through rigorous cross-disciplinary scholarship, and to understand various mechanisms and structures of violence with the goal of preventing genocide and mass violence in the future.
CONTACT: Kathy Carbone

WE-ACTx (Women's Equity in Access to Care and Treatment: Kigali
2007-Margot Moinester
An organization committed to supplying Rwandan women and children with AIDS medications and treatments, educating and counseling women with HIV about their legal rights and providing income generation programs.
CONTACT: Frank Mugisha

South Africa

Ikamva Labantu: Cape Town
2005-Cyanna Rodney-Hill; 2003-Deirdre Mooney; 2002-Trang Nguyen; 2001-Yaser S. Robles; 2000-Nakisha Evans; 2000-Zachary Sherwin
Supports democracy in post-apartheid South Africa by providing educational and economic resources to community members and townships.
CONTACTS: Ishrene Davids, Mala, Barbara Stemmert

Art Therapy Centre: Johannesburg
2006-Naomi Safran-Hon; 2008-Catherine McConnell
Aims to create a society free of trauma through the medium of art counseling.
CONTACT: Kim Berman

Artist Proof Studio: Johannesburg
2004-Darnisa Amante and Amy Schiller
Printmaking art studio in Johannesburg. Coordinates art-related poverty relief and AIDS awareness projects throughout South Africa.
CONTACT: Daniel "Stompie" Selibe

Sri Lanka

2005-Mai Le; 2004-Lisa Kim; 2003-Marina Pevner
A grassroots organization concerned with developing a non-violent culture in a war torn society. It has a strong reputation as a training institute on conflict resolution and on extending psycho-social support for victims of violence.
CONTACTS: Kassapa Divabedanage, John Calogero

Sewa Lanka Foundation: Colombo
2002-Jocelyn Berger and Aran Lavi; 2001-Jennifer Lewey
Promotes social mobilization and institutional capacity building through economic development in conflict-affected communities.
CONTACT: Harsha K. Nawaratne


Bagamoyo College of Art: Bagamoyo
1998-Manuel Costescu
A dynamic, creative and innovative institution for high quality training, research and professionalism in the Arts. Our mission is to produce high quality professional artists, arts managers, arts products and services.

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda: Arusha
2007-Daniel Koosed
The tribunal is responsible for the prosecution of parties responsible for genocide and human rights violations, in the hopes of aiding reconciliation and peace in the region.
CONTACT: Suzanne Chenault


Family Planning Association of Uganda (FPAU)
2008-Benjamin Bechtolsheim
This organization provides family planning and medical services to communities in Uganda. 
CONTACT: Peter Ibembe

United States

Friends of the Parents Circle: Cambridge, MA
2003-Ayham Bahnassi
An Israeli organization which represents a group of Israeli and Palestinian bereaved parents who have lost loved ones as a result of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
CONTACT: Maribeth Kaptchuk

Roca: Chelsea, MA, and Revere, MA
2002-Susan Ulrich
A grassroots human development and community building organization that promotes social justice by creating opportunities for young people and families to lead happy and healthy lives.
CONTACT: Molly Baldwin

Center for Playback Theatre: New Paltz, NY
2006-William Chalmus
A nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive training in playback theatre to individuals and groups for the purposes of personal empowerment, awareness education, artistic fulfillment, community building, reconciliation, and social change.
CONTACT: Jonathan Fox



Coopérative Artisanale Sisal 2: Dalaba

Promotes the well-being of women in the community. Fights poverty and illiteracy through engaging young women in dyeing, soap manufacturing, literacy, and training in information technology and communication. These economic and educational activities help women to avoid early marriages and to take control of their own destinies. The cooperative's program is bi-generational: girls and their mothers engage in activities together, so that the former learn important skills and the latter understand that their daughters can create opportunities unavailable to their own generation. The president of the Cooperative, Mrs. Nafissatou Bah, would welcome a Brandeis intern to assist in the educational part of their operation. In particular, the girls in her organization could benefit from instruction in English and computer skills.

Coopérative Artisanale Sisal 2
B.P. 14
Dalaba, République de Guinée


West African Research Center: Dakar

2006-Dana Sawitz
Promotes scholarly research on West Africa, and works to foster cooperation between American and West African researchers, students, and artists.
CONTACT: Abdoulaye Niang



The Argentina Autonomista Project: Buenos Aires
Grassroots Argentine anti-globalization movement. Uses street theatre, speakers, slide shows and videos, along with courses, to educate the public about globalization in a diverse world.

La Linea Fundadora de las Madres de Plaza de Mayo: Buenos Aires

1999-Wendi Adelson
Las Madres began as a group of women looking for the "disappeared" loved ones after a coup d'etat in the 1970’s by the last and most brutal military regime in Argentina’s history.

Costa Rica

Inter-American Court of Human Rights
The Court's Latin American headquarters is in Costa Rica.

Caritas Internationalis
A Christian-based organization that deals with refugees and human rights issues. They have a site in Costa Rica.
CONTACT: Virginia Gri Allen at Caritas Carney Hospital

Centro de Estudios para la Paz (CEPPA)
The programs of CEPPA are designed to transform violence and conflict in all areas of society: schools, families, private enterprises,  community groups, churches, and prisons. The organization runs workshops on four main themes: self-esteem, communication, cooperation, and creative management of the conflict. CONTACT: Rachel Spence

UN High Commission for Refugees (ACNUR)
Leads and coordinates international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide. The ACNUR safeguards the rights and well-being of refugees, striving to ensure that everyone can exercise the right to seek asylum and find safe refuge in another State, with the option to return home voluntarily, integrate locally or to resettle in a third country.
CONTACT: Kazuhiro Kameko

Inter-American Institute on Human Rights (IIDH)
One of the most important world centers for the education, investigation, and, promotion human rights.

Habitat for Humanity
A nonprofit, ecumenical, Christian organization dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and homelessness worldwide and to making adequate, affordable shelter a matter of conscience and action.  They work with people of all faiths.


Fundacion Sinchi Sacha, Museo de Arte Etnico Amazonico: Archidona

1998-Benjamin Singerman
The Museo de Arte Etnico Amazonico is working with the minority Indian communities as well as the majority Spanish communities to better incorporate both points of view in the museum.
CONTACT: Catalina Sosa


Fundacion Turcios Lima
2003-Paul Adler and Xiomara Gomez
This organization works on reconciliation, re-insertion, and development projects with multiethnic communities in the villages of Guatemala. Members of community are people who have returned from exile in Mexico.
CONTACT: César Montes

Celas Maya: Quetzaltenango
2002-George Okrah
Works to recuperate and maintain the collective memory and history of the Quiché Maya and to develop alternative solutions to education problems for the highlands Mayan youth.
CONTACT: Carol Kunz ( or


Red de Comunicadores Boca de Polen: Chiapas

2006-Daniel Duffy
An indigenous media networking organization.
CONTACT: Eugenio Bermejillo

Latin America: General

Public Health education program in Latin America.

Partners of the Americas

"People to People" volunteer exchange program. Links technical education and support opportunities between North and South America.