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ECSF 1998

Nageeb Ali '99
Internship with Aga Khan Foundation Rural Support Programme, Karachi, Pakistan
Hometown: Tehran, Iran
Nageeb is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at the University of California, San Diego.

Ariele Cohen '99
Internship with Institute for Liberal Studies, Sofia, Bulgaria & Center for Anti-War Action, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Hometown: Washington, DC
Ariele graduated from law school in May 2002, and sat for the New Jersey and New York Bar examinations in February of 2003. In 2002-3, Ariele was a clerk for a judge in the New Jersey Superior Court, Chancery Division (court of equity). She married in September of 2003, after which she worked for a Sri Lankan law firm. Her husband Cresenta (also a Brandeis alum) worked as an economist for the World Bank in Sri Lanka. Sadly, Cresenta lost his life in the tsunami (read Ariele's essay). Ariele is currently working at a law firm in New York City.

Liora Cobin '99
Internship with Interfaith Action for Racial Justice, Baltimore, Maryland
Hometown: St. Paul, MN
After graduating from Brandeis, Liora went to Jerusalem for a year where she worked at the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel as a New Israel Fund/Shatil Social Change Fellow. She then returned to the site of her ECSF summer internship, Baltimore, where she worked for an independent bookstore for a year, as well as for SPARK: Partnership for Service, a non-profit organization focused on developing and implementing service programming within the Jewish community, particularly in  Service Learning programming. She then moved to Chicago where she completed an MA in Public History at Loyola University Chicago and curated "Milestones & Memories: An Exhibit of Evanston History," a long-term exhibit at the Evanston Historical Society. She is currently working as a public historian in Brooklyn, NY. She is married to Adam Barbanel-Fried, also a Brandeis alum.

Manuel Costescu '99
Internship with Bagamoyo College of Art, Bagamoyo, Tanzania & GTZ (Gesellschaft fur technische Zusammenarbeit), Lushoto, Tanzania
Hometown: Sibiu, Romania
Manuel received his MBA from MIT and a development degree at the Kennedy School at Harvard University. He is currently working for McKinsey in New York, doing management consulting. He writes, "Life is pretty stressful, but still bearable. I love NY just like on the first day when I moved here, which makes the stress at work seem less relevant."

Eldad Elnekave '00
Internship with Medical Care Development International Child Survival and Community Health Project, Cuamba, Mozambique
Hometown: Marina Del Rey, CA
Directly after graduating, Eldad went to Israel on a Hart fellowship from Duke University where he participated in documentary writing and research in an Arab-Israeli village in northern Israel. In 2003 he was selected to be a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)-NIH research scholar. He published a paper in the July 1, 2004 edition of the Journal of Health Policy on the experiences of Arab-Israeli women in the Healthcare system, based on research from that year. The academic year 2004-5 found him attending medical school at Tufts University, and doing research at the National Institutes of Health for 2 years as a Howard Hughes scholar. He is currently doing a residency in Philadelphia.

Forsan Hussein '00
Internship with B'Tselem: The Israel Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, Jerusalem, Israel
Hometown: Israel
After graduating in 2000, Forsan worked independently for one year, participating and speaking at events, doing NGO consulting, and other such jobs. He then worked for the Abraham Fund in New York for two years, and went on to pursue a Masters in International Relations and International Economics at SAIS (Johns Hopkins) in 2005. Forsan received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 2007.

Brahmy Poologasingham '00
Internship with NOVA Program & National Interest Public Law and Research, Pretoria, South Africa
Hometown: Jaffna, Sri Lanka
As of October 2004, Brahmy is a practicing attorney in Seattle. Lately, most of her efforts have been focused on tsunami relief fundraisers, trying to raise and send money back to her native Sri Lanka, given the devastation that faces her country. She notes that she is following a career in law as a method through which to make positive changes in the lives of others. Recently, the mayor of Seattle confirmed Brahmy's position on the Seattle Human Rights Commission.

Benjamin Singerman '99
Internship with Fundacion Sinchi Sacha, Museo de Arte Etnico
Amazonico, Archidona, Ecuador
Hometown: Longwood, FL
Upon graduation from Brandeis, Ben received a Fulbright award to continue his work in Ecuador. He then attended Stanford Law School, graduating in 2006. He has since begun work with a California law firm, which subsequently opened a Boston office, where he's been assigned for a few months. In August of 2004, he participated in and completed the Half Vineman Triathlon (one of five Half Ironman Triathlons in the United States), a timed competition including swimming, cycling, and running.

ECSF 1999

Wendi Adelson '01

Wendi competed in the Red Hills Triathlon on April 5, 2008, to raise money to fund ALS research.

Internship with Madres del Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hometown: Coral Springs, FL
Since her graduation from Brandeis, Wendi has been a junior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, received a Masters of Philosophy on a Gates Scholarship from the University of Cambridge (UK), and received a full tuition scholarship at University of Miami School of Law. On June 7, 2005 she wrote: "I just found out yesterday that I won my first case: asylum for an Iraqi Shi'a Imam who was preaching tolerance between the Shi'a and Sunni." In 2006, she completed law school. She is currently a program director and adjunct professor at Florida State University College of Law. She also works for the Center for the Advancement of Human Rights, representing child victims of human trafficking.On April 5, 2008, she competed in the Red Hills Triathlon to raise money for ALS, a disease afflicting one of her favorite professors from law school, Prof. Steve Gey. Donations to her cause can be made here. And yes, her email signature line still carries her title "Defender of the Preservation of Global Mirth.

Tamara with her son, Dror Avinoam

Tamara Beliak Neumeier '00
Internship with Middle East Non-Violence and Democracy, East Jerusalem and Bat Shalom, West Jerusalem, Israel
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
The fall of 2004 found Tamara as a teacher at a Jewish school, after having taught at middle schools prior to that position. The summer after her ECSF experience she decided to become a teacher, realizing that teaching was not just about a given subject, but also about the belief that one way to change the future is to change the values taught in the community. Tamara and her husband (married in 2002) have two children - Dror Avinoam and Menahem Tuvia. She is finishing her doctoral proposal on Sex Education in the Modern Orthodox Jewish community and hopes to start her research in 2008. Since November 2007, she has been teaching the Bible in a Jewish school in the New York area.

Lauren Elson '00
Internship with Baatu Askan Wi (The Voice of the Tribes) in Banjul, Gambia, and Cotton Tree Heritage Theater, Gambia Chapter in Serrekunda, Gambia
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
Lauren graduated from medical school at Tufts in May 2005. Adding to her medical school demands, Lauren worked for four years with Rainbow Tribe, a lively dance troupe formed to bridge cultural differences, performing hip-hop, break-dance, street funk, and lyrical and swing-style jazz. Lauren did some interesting rotations as part of her medical school training in 2004-5, including work in a rural community clinic in Nicaragua and acupuncture training in China (with a stop at Brandeis for lunch with Marci in between!). She is currently in New York City in a physical medicine/rehabilitation residency. In her spare time, she continues to perform with hip-hop and tap companies.

Keren Ghitis '01
Internship with The Soros Media Center, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Hometown: Herzlia, Israel
Keren went back to Israel following Brandeis to work for Keshev, an association that monitors Israeli media reporting on the Palestinian conflict. Soon after her return, however, "the second Intifada broke out, and we moved to Oaxaca, Mexico, which is a magical place." There Keren worked with a microfinance organization that provided credit schemes to indigenous women. On moving again, this time to the UK, Keren pursued her Masters in International Development at the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University. Her studies connected her with the Participation Group, which sent her to the Niger Delta to use theater in helping communities struggling with oil companies and the government for their economic rights. Today Keren works for the Panos Institute, an NGO at which she serves as the Oral Testimony Programme Officer, documenting individual voices in conflict areas. "The work is intense since there's a lot of traveling -- in the last six months I've traveled to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Mozambique." Most recently, Keren was in Georgia, documenting the life stories of Internally Displaced People.

Karen Hovav '00
Internship with GRENED, Grenada
Hometown: Upland, CA
Karen spent a year working as a mental health counselor at a psychiatric hospital after graduation, then moved to Israel. She graduated in May 2005 from medical school at the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. With the desire to ultimately attain an American certification, she is nearing completion of her residency in pediatrics in California. "It's been a wonderful experience," Karen writes. "I'm continually inspired by the strength these children show when confronting some of life's greatest hardships."

Devika Mahadevan '00
Internship with United Nations Development Fund for Women, Beijing, China
Hometown: Bombay, India
After graduating from Brandeis in 2000, Devika spent one year working for an NGO in Zimbabwe, and the following year pursuing a Masters in Development Studies from the London School of Economics. She then returned to Bombay and started working for an NGO called SPARC, which works on housing and infrastructure issues for the urban poor. SPARC has an interesting perspective on communal harmony, especially in the context of Hindu-Muslim issues. In January 2005, Devika married an architect named Kapil in Bombay, with several former ECSFs in attendance! Since March 2006, Devika has been working as the Chief Executive of an NGO called Mobile Crèches, which supports the education of children living on construction sites in Mumbai. For a video highlighting the organization's work, click here.

ECSF 2000

Sarah-Bess Dworin '01
Internship with The Corrymeela Community (Ballycastle), Ballynafeigh Community House (Belfast), and Shankill Stress & Trauma Group (Belfast), Northern Ireland
Hometown: Highland Park, IL
Sarah-Bess has spent her post-graduate years in a flurry of different jobs (tutoring, teaching, jewelry-making, etc.). She spent two years as a youth worker in a teen center, and planned an educational empowerment conference for 350 Jewish women. In July 2004, Sarah-Bess presented a paper on coexistence at a conference on adolescence and violence to a diverse audience, including youth workers, mental health care workers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, and teachers. She reports: "Many of the conference participants came up to me after the presentation and a group of us talked late into the night. In addition to being thrilling, the discussion helped me to gain perspective from their experiences and expertise and reshape some of my thoughts." Sarah-Bess plans to obtain a Master's degree in education to become a high school literature teacher.

Nakisha Evans '02
Internship with Ikamva Labantu, Cape Town, South Africa
Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
After graduating from Brandeis, Nakisha served as a caseworker with the Florida Department of Children and Families, determining eligibility for public assistance programs like food stamps, Medicaid, and cash assistance. After leaving that position in June 2004, she began her studies at St. Johns University in New York City, earning an MA in government and politics with a focus on International Law and Diplomacy. She currently works for a community development organization called Seedco, where she is managing a career advancement pilot project. "My project will help low income workers get into better paying, more stable employment opportunities. I love the concept," she writes.

Sophia Moon '02
Internship with The Rural Community Network, Cookstown, Northern Ireland
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Sophia, add your news here!

Tova Neugut '01
Internship with GRENED, Grenada
Hometown: Amherst, MA
After graduation, Tova spent one year in Jamaica as a Hart Fellow through Duke University, working with the Rural Family Support Organization. Since returning, she has served as the director of the 21st Century Community Learning Center in Turners Falls, Massachusetts, which offers low-income youth after school programs that combine academic and enrichment activities. In addition, she coordinated a series of Dialogues on Diversity for high school students at the John F. Kennedy Library & Museum in Boston from 2002-03. In March 2003, Tova hosted a very successful benefit concert in western Massachusetts for the Palestinian House of Friendship, a Brandeis collaborator. In the summer of 2005, Tova began a Principal Certification Program at the Massachusetts Elementary School Principals Association. In collaboration, she is working as a Principal Intern with Chip Wood at Sheffield, an elementary school in Turners Falls. On July 28, 2008, Tova gave a talk entitled "Reducing Traumatic Stress for Preschoolers Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence: a Clinical Case Presentation" at the International Family Violence and Child Victimization Research Conference in New Hampshire.

Zachary Sherwin '02
Internship with Ikamva Labantu, Cape Town, South Africa
Hometown: Springfield, MO
Believe it or not, the comedy group that began at Brandeis, Late Night Players, has taken off and has been performing around the country. The Players' anti-Wal-Mart/Harry Potter satire has had tens of thousands of views online. The video directs viewers to Wal-Mart Watch to sign up and fight Wal-Mart. The video itself is a Harry Potter spoof, where Harry must fight Lord Waldemart, a smiley-faced villain who is determined to suck the magic out of local communities. Zach has also posted online his "Presidential Campaign Diaries," which are clever anagrams of the presidential candidates' names.

Andrew Slack '02
Internship with The Corrymeela Community, Ballycastle, Northern Ireland
Hometown: Huntington Valley, PA
Though no longer with the Late Night Players, the comedy group formed at Brandeis, Andrew has been keeping very busy. He worked at Brandeis in the development office for a while, but is now working as a substitute teacher. Andrew also founded the Harry Potter Alliance, dedicated to using the examples of Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore to spread love and fight the Dark Arts in the real world. The group has received significant media attention (including from J.K. Rowling herself), and can be viewed here.

ECSF 2001

Aliya Caler '02
Internship with UMAC (U Managing Conflict), Cape Town, South Africa
Hometown: Redmond, WA
Since her departure from Brandeis, Aliya spent a year traveling to over 15 countries around the world on very little money as a member of Servas, an international non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a more peaceful universe through cultural exchange. While on this journey, she also worked with the Worldwide Organization of Organic Farmers, exchanging work for room and board on organic farms in New Zealand. After returning home, Aliya served as a field organizer for the Kerry-Edwards Campaign and was also a traveling researcher, interviewing fifth-graders in rural communities as part of a national longitudinal study assessing the Communities that Care operating system. In 2005, she organized AIDS WALK 2005 in Seattle, Washington. The fall of 2006 found her headed to Columbia for grad school, "because their sexuality and health program felt like the best fit considering my interest in HIV/AIDS as it affects women in the developing world." She studied at the Mailman School of Public Health, considering the social determinants of health, with a focus on the sexual health of marginalized populations. She spent the summer of 2007 conducting a public health needs assessment of Blantyre, Malawi for the Millenium Cities Initiative. She plans to apply for a PhD in International Relations with a focus on the African Region.

Maryanne Cullinan '02
Internship with Corrymeela Community, Ballycastle, Northern Ireland
Hometown: Temple, NH
Maryanne continues to teach sixth grade and drama in Ware, New Hampshire. She recently married and purchased a "classic" home which she and her husband are renovating. She makes a pilgrimage to Brandeis annually (so far) to speak to education program students as an alumnus working in the field.

Anna Jaffe-Desnick '02
Internship with Gender Advocacy Programme (GAP), Cape Town, South Africa
Hometown: Ashland, OR
After graduating, Anna spent 10 months traveling through Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, New Zealand, Thailand, Nepal, and India with several Brandeis friends. As members of CERVAS and Willing Workers on Organic Farms, they had opportunities to stay with local families in their travels and lend a hand in some interesting projects. After returning to Ashland, Anna completed a Master of Science degree in Organizational Training and Development. Today, she is applying her international and educational experiences as Programs and Relationships Manager at Social Fusion, a business that helps entrepreneurs grow credible companies that create sustainable social and environmental impact. She lives in San Francisco.

Jennifer Lewey '02
Internship with Sewa Lanka Foundation, Columbo, Sri Lanka
Hometown: East Boston, MA
After working for a year in Washington, D.C. at the National Institutes of Health, Jennifer began medical school at Harvard University. Through her public health career, she's been involved in Mission Hill Community and in Harvard's policies surrounding AIDS work. She wrote, "Ironically, one of my mentors is a doctor at the MGH health clinic in Revere (near her home community of East Boston), so about once a month I literally go home to see the individuals from the communities I grew up in, in the health center, calling me doctor. What a strange experience!" She spent the summer of 2003 doing health care work in Guatemala and the summer of 2004 working at an HIV clinic in South Africa. Her third year of medical school, the 2005-6 academic year, involved several clinical rotations -- including one with a surgery team at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. "It is so beautiful and gross and surreal to be a part of someone's surgery, part of possibly saving their life, part of being so intertwined with their health outcome, that the issues of 'complications' and 'mistakes' and 'success' take on entirely too much personal meaning," reflected Jennifer. "I love it, and I can't wait to try out the rest of my rotations!" In 2006, she took a year off from medical school to pursue international public health/medical anthropology studies. She spent two months in France learning French, and on August 1st she headed to Rwinkwavu, Rwanda, to work with Partners in Health, focusing on malaria programming and HIV care in rural clinics. 

Yaser Robles '03
Internship with Ikamva Labantu, Cape Town, South Africa
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Yaser served as a college advisor for Jean Adams High School and New Marble Hill High School through the ASPIRA program. In August of 2004, he enrolled in a Master of Arts program in Caribbean Cultural Studies jointly offered by the University of Buffalo and the University of Havana, spending the fall semester of 2004 in Cuba. He graduated from the program in May 2006. During the summer of 2006, Yaser interned at the United Nations in the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), contributing to weekly reports on countries where there are U.N. peacekeeping operations (DRC, Burundi, Sudan, Ethiopia/Eritrea, Afghanistan, Haiti, India/Pakistan, Lebanon, Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, Western Sahara, Kosovo, Georgia, Cyprus, East Timor). He also contributed to the drafting of country profiles and attended DPKO and Security Council meetings. "I think the diversity of the work is enriching," said Yaser. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Albany.

Daniel Weinstein '02
Internship with Gesher, Jerusalem, Israel
Hometown: Tarzana, CA
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ECSF 2002

Jocelyn Berger '03
Internship with Sewa Lanka Foundation & National Peace Council, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Hometown: Shaker Heights, OH
After graduating in December 2003, Jocelyn was the administrator of the Coexistence Program -- an interesting twist on the student experience. In the summer of 2004, she interned with the American Friends Service Committee, coordinating the Eyes Wide Open traveling exhibit on the cost of war during the Boston Social Forum and Democratic National Convention. That fall, Jocelyn worked as the organizer for the Massachusetts Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, a seventh-grade Hebrew School teacher, a youth group advisor, and Gordie Fellman's family nanny.  From 2005-2006, she worked in the young adult division of the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation, where she concentrated on fundraising, event planning, and leadership development. Jocelyn left San Francisco for India at the end of 2006, volunteering with the Urban Design Research Institute in Mumbai and Mobile Crèches. The volunteer placement was through the American Jewish World Service's Jewish Volunteer Corps. To read more about Jocelyn's experiences, check out her blog, "(Sub)Alternate Reality." Currently, Jocelyn works as a local alumni contact/admissions interviewer at the Fritz Institute in San Francisco.

Miriam Kingsberg '03
Internship with Families Against Crime and Terrorism, Lisburn, Northern Ireland
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan and Short Hills, NJ
Miriam began a Ph.D. in East Asian history at UC-Berkeley in the fall of 2003. She spent the summer of 2005 in northeast China doing some preliminary research on her dissertation prospectus and improving her Chinese. The fall of 2006 found her in Yokohama, Japan, to continue her dissertation work. She wrote, "I am spending a lot of time in the library; I'm not sure that qualifies as interesting! But, I am having a wonderful time and getting a lot done." She is now back in Dalian, China doing some work in the archives there.

Aran Lavi '04
Internship with Sewa Lanka Foundation, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Hometown: Ra'anan, Israel
In May of 2004 Aran headed to China to work and study.

Trang Nguyen '03
Internship with Ikamva Labantu, Cape Town, South Africa
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
Since her graduation from Brandeis, Trang has been in graduate school pursuing a Ph.D. in development economics at MIT. She has been traveling frequently to Madagascar, where she is conducting two projects in primary education for her thesis. She was married in Vietnam.

George Okrah '03
Internship with Celas Maya, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Hometown: Ghana, West Africa and Bronx, NY
In February 2005, George made a guest appearance at the Center event "Local Action/Global Impact." At that time, he was in his second year in Teach for America, a program in which recent college graduates teach in a low-income area for two years. George taught sixth-grade math, science, language arts, and social studies at Marquis de Lafayette Elementary School in New Orleans. He moved to Miami to teach just two months before Hurricane Katrina. "Unfortunately for most of our friends, they lost everything," he wrote. George said he can relate to the sense of loss that many have experienced in the aftermath of Katrina. In February 2004, the apartment building he lived in burned to the ground. "We went out one night only to return to cinders. An electrical fire that started in the apartment below ours spread through the whole building and we practically lost everything." Still in Miami, George is now in his fourth year of teaching at a middle school.

Susan Ulrich '03
Internship with Roca, Chelsea and Revere, Massachusetts
Hometown: South Boston, MA
Since graduating from Brandeis, Susan has been working at Roca, Inc. where she manages a staff of youth workers. Although the work is long and difficult, she loves what she does!

ECSF 2003

Paul Adler '04
Internship with Fundación Turcios Lima, GuatemalaPaul Adler
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
In 2004, Paul worked with Brandeis graduate Ben Brandzel with MoveOn's student wing, created to engage students and young people in the political process. After the election Paul landed a job in Washington DC with Global Trade Watch, an organization that works on a variety of globalization issues. He has been known to make surprise appearances on the Brandeis campus from time to time – but with a full-time, demanding job, those sightings may be more scarce!

Ayham Bahnassi '05
Internship with Friends of the Parents Circle, Massachusetts
Hometown: Boylston, MA
Graduating in 2005 with plans to attend graduate school, Ayham was one of the speakers at the 2005 Interfaith Baccalaureate Observance. In the summer of 2005, Ayham interned in the Estate Planning Department at Bowditch & Dewey LLP in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he made good use of the conflict resolution and mediation skills he learned in the Ethics Center, the Dialogue Group, and Parents Circle. "At B&D, there was an incident where a wealthy client passed away," wrote Ayham. "The client made a will and trust through our office, but there were a lot of valuable tangible items that were not addressed in the legal documents. So, his children basically fought over them. I saw how attorneys and paralegals functioned as peacemakers in order to resolve disputes within the family. I guess conflict resolution skills are a valuable commodity for lawyers." In the fall of 2005, Ayham signed on as a mediator with the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office in Worcester, where he researched and helped to resolve consumer complaints about merchants to keep the disputes out of small claims court. Though he loved the work there, he left in July 2006 to prepare for his first semester at Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland, Ohio. As of July 2006, Ayham was considering specializing in Dispute Resolution or Mediation Law.

Xiomara Gonzalez '05
Internship with Fundación Turcios Lima, GuatemalaXiomara
Hometown: Bronx, NY
After Brandeis, Xiomara decided to return to the Bronx to become a teacher at a public high school in her old neighborhood.  She joined the New York City Teaching Fellows and started teaching mathematics at the Bronx School of Law and Finance, founded in 2003 as part of the New Visions initiative in NYC.  As a small school, its mission is to create a greater sense of community and foster meaningful teacher-student relationships.  Xiomara is currently in her third year of teaching and just completed her Masters of Education in Mathematics.  Outside of teaching, she remains connected to the Posse Foundation and volunteers regularly with "New York Cares," an organizaiton that meets pressing community needs by mobilizing New Yorkers in volunteer service,  and "A More Perfect Union," an organization that supports women at risk of getting into destructive relationships. She additionally volunteers with Concrete Safaris, an urban youth outdoors program, and GirlsQuest, helping girls from low-income families to achieve their full potential and become active members of their communities.

Matthew Harris '04
Internship with University of Cape Town, South Africa
Hometown: New City, NY
Matthew worked as an EMT in New York for a year, and began studies at NYU in the fall of 2005.

Deirdre Mooney '05
Internship with Ikamva Labantu, Cape Town, South Africa
Hometown: East Northport, NY
Deirdre began medical school at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City in the fall of 2005.

Marina Pevzner '04
Internship with AHIMSA, Sri Lanka
Hometown: Rehovot, Israel
In March of 2004, Marina presented the Peace Abbey's Courage of Conscience award to New Profile, an Israeli organization dedicated to ending militarism. A conscientious objector herself, Marina was instrumental in the nomination of the organization for the award. After graduating from Brandeis in 2004, Marina went on to obtain a Master's degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts. She was the recipient of a Summer Fellowship for 2005 from Harvard's Program on Negotiation. The fellowship allowed her to pursue an internship with Conflict Management Group (CMG) in Boston, and Mercy Corps (MC) in Georgia in the Caucasus. In September 2006, Marina took over as the executive director of the Central Square Business Association, whose mission is to maintain and support a lively commercial and business area and to enhance the quality of life in the Central Square area of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Currently, she is living in London, working for Business in the Community, an organization that engages with large businesses in an attempt to improve deprived communities where the businesses operate. She and her husband are expecting their first baby in September.

ECSF 2004

Darnisa Amante '06
Internship with Artist Proof Studio, Johannesburg, South Africa
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
In 2006, Darnisa received a Student Life Award, presented to extraordinary graduating seniors with demonstrated records of leadership and service. She is working at Score! Educational Center in Brooklyn, NY, doing tutoring and marketing for the greater Flatbush community.

Lisa Kim '06
Internship with AHIMSA, Sri Lanka
Hometown: Roosevelt Island, NY

Daniel Ludevig '05
Internship with Reyum, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Hometown: Yorktown, NY
After graduation, Dan worked at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), where he acted as a patient advocate, working to develop trustful relationships with patients to help them sort through the confusion and fear of cancer treatment. He also found himself a second (unofficial) job at MSKCC as a translator/interpreter in both Russian and Spanish for patient exam-room sessions. "The relationship between working with patients in the exam rooms and the waiting rooms really brings to the forefront the difficulties of what so many of them face," Daniel wrote. Daniel eventually moved on to pursue another passion, securing work as a designer at the architecture firm Kushnerstudios. After a year of hard work on the construction and design of his own apartment in New York, he received a spread in the spring 2008 issue of American Institute of Architects (AIA) magazine. Click here to see the article.

Patrick Raymond '05
Internship with Nerve Centre, Derry, Northern Ireland
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Patrick, add your news here!

Joshua Kahn Russell '06
Internship with Reyum & Womyn's Agenda for Change, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Hometown: Wilton, CT
Joshua spent summer 2005 hitchhiking around the United States and Canada (pictured at right with his new friends.) In the summer of 2006, Joshua was in Chiapas, Mexico, working daily at an indigenous Mayan artisan collective called Taller Lenateros (woodlanders workshop), helping the members of the collective distribute their artwork in the United States. While traveling through Guatemala, Josh organized the first Guatemalan partner for Jumpstart Ford, a program working to address America's oil addiction. He also illustrated the cover for the INCITE anthology at www.southendpress.org (see left) as well as a Celebrate People's History poster for www.justseeds.org, a "one stop shop for radical art, anarchist culture and street art/stenciling." As if that weren't enough, he is now a National Organizer with Rainforest Action Network and the “new” Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). He functions as SDS’ first “national traveler” – training and working with students across the country on Left movement-building, strategy, vision, and action. His writing and art have appeared in Yes! Magazine and in works such as We Don't Need Another Wave: Dispatches from the Next Generation of Feminists. He lives in Oakland, California. 

Amy Schiller '06
Internship with Artist Proof Studio, Johannesburg, South Africa
Hometown: Shaker Heights, OH
Amy was in Cleveland, Ohio through the beginning of November 2006, working as a fundraising assistant for the Ted Strickland/Lee Fisher campaign, the Democratic ticket (and eventual winners) in the Ohio gubernatorial race. She is currently a consultant at a non-profit fundraising organization called Community Counselling Service, working with UJA Federation and several beneficiary agencies of theirs. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

ECSF 2005

Amy Cotton '06amy cotton
Internship with UMAC (U Managing Conflict), Cape Town, South Africa
Hometown: Omaha, NE
Amy is working her way toward a Master's in Public Health. She previously worked as a Caseworker and Constituent Relations staff member in Sen. Nelson's Omaha office, and now lives on Capitol Hill and serves as Nelson's Deputy Legislative Assistant. She still loves South Africa and hopes to return someday.

Mai Le '07
Internship with AHIMSA, Sri Lanka
Hometown: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
After graduating, Mai worked for an economics consulting firm in New York City. She is now back working in Vietnam and hopes to return to the United States for graduate school.

Ava Morgenstern '06
Internship with Nerve Centre, Derry, Northern Ireland
Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ
In 2006, Ava finished her senior thesis, "Urban Regimes, Community Organizing, and Democratic Inclusion in Derry, Northern Ireland," which stemmed from her interest in her ESCF 2005 site. She was elected to Phi Beta Kappa as a graduating senior. Over the summer of 2006, she was one of 46 American undergraduates chosen to participate in a fellowship with Humanity in Action, an organization helping students to understand the condition of minorities in a host country and to seek ways to address whatever issues exist. Ava participated in a Dutch program in Amsterdam. She then worked as Development Assistant at the National Consumer Law Center, a nonprofit legal organization defending the consumer rights of low-income Americans. In 2008, Ava will volunteer in Lima, Peru under the auspices of the Peruvian volunteer agency Nexos Voluntarios and the Swiss children's rights NGO Terre des Hommes. She will help start a small-business resource center, which will support low-income young adults in the city as they put their entrepreneurial ideas into action.

Anna Nguyen '06
Internship with Reut Sadaka, Jaffa, Israel
Hometown: Brighton, MA

Julia Resnitsky '07
Internship with Peace & Reconciliation Group, Derry, Northern Ireland
Hometown: Israel
In October 2006, Julia was one of seven students to receive a newly-created Pauli Murray Fellowship. The fellowship is awarded each year by the College of Arts and Sciences to students who have benefited from exploring diversity and pluralism both inside and outside the classroom. The award includes a stipend to develop a research project or a diversity, pluralism, and community-building project.

Cyanna Rodney-Hill '06
Internship with Ikamva Labantu, Cape Town, South Africa
Hometown: Port Charlotte, FL
In May 2006, Cyanna was one of two students to receive the Bruce R. Mayper Memorial Award for promoting interracial relations.

ECSF 2006

William Chalmus '07
Internships with the School of Playback Theater, New Paltz, New York, and Contact Inc., Brisbane, Australia
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
In 2005, William was awarded the Tibie Rosenfield Brown Prize for Excellence in Theater, the Brandeis Achievement Award, and the Herman and Bessie Blum Award for Kindness and Consideration to the Community. He is one of the cofounders of the Brandeis Playback Society.  He graduated with a degree in Theater Arts and is now on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Playback Theatre.

Daniel Duffy '07
Internship with Red de Comunicadores Boca de Polen, Chiapas, Mexico
Hometown: Boalsburg, Pennsylvania
Daniel majored in Anthropology, with minors in Latin American Studies and English. He is an organizer for the labor union "Unite Here" in Boston and New York.

Kosmas Kaprinis '07
Internship with the Kokkalis Foundation, Athens & Olympia, Greece
Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece
Kosmas majored in Economics and has completed coursework at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Law School. 

Joshua Rosenthal '07
Internship with the Access to Information Programme Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria
Hometown: Akron, Ohio
Josh is currently the Special Assistant for External Affairs at the Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C., where he does outreach and process oriented work. He helped to pen a report on hate crime legislation that can be read at http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2007/12/hate_crimes.html

Naomi Safran-Hon '08
Internship with the Art Therapy Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa
Hometown: Israel
Naomi was a Fine Arts major and a recipient of the Slifka Coexistence Scholarship. In 2003, she was awarded the Young Artist Award from the Hecht Museum at the University of Haifa, where she also exhibited her photography. She will begin studies at Yale in the fall and will return to Brandeis to put up her exhibition of Slifka Scholars alumni, entitled "Shared Future? Brandeis Alumni Visions of Coexistence in Palestine and Israel."

Dana Sawitz '08
Internship with the West African Research Center, Dakar, Senegal
Hometown: Beacon, New York
Dana was an Anthropology major and International and Global Studies minor. She volunteered for several summers in the impoverished coal mining communities in the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky, one of the poorest regions in the United States.

ECSF 2007

Ramon De Jesus '08
Internship with Victory Junction, North Carolina
Hometown: The Bronx, New York
Ramon majored in Latin American and Latino Studies and History, with a minor in Anthropology.

Rachel Kleinbaum '08
Internship with UTQ coalition of labor unions, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Hometown: Rutherford, New Jersey
Rachel majored in Latin American and Latino Studies and Sociology, with a minor in Social Justice and Social Policy.

Daniel Koosed '08
Internship with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Arusha, Tanzania
Hometown: Westport, Connecticut
Daniel majored in Anthropology, with minors in Politics and Legal Studies.

Margot Moinester '09
Internship with WE-ACTx, Rwanda
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Margot is majoring in Health: Science, Society, and Policy and minoring in Anthropology. She was the recipient of the 2008 Davis Projects for Peace Award, with which she returned to Rwanda to implement a sewing cooperative project that will enable Rwandan women to support themselves and their families in the aftermath of violence, including rape. 

Neena Pathak '08
Internship with the Maharashtra Organic Farming Federation in Maharashtra, India
Hometown: Nashua, New Hampshire
Neena majored in Sociology and International and Global Studies and minored in Spanish. She is working for Teach for America in Philadelphia and writes, "Teaching is probably the most difficult thing I've ever done but it is really fulfilling, and I love my students." She has begun a Master's program and is teaching at Martin Luther King High School.

Jamie Pottern '09
Internship with the Kakamega Environmental Education Program, Kenya
Hometown: Bethesda, Maryland
Jamie is an Environmental Studies and International and Global Studies major and Anthropology minor.

ECSF 2008

 Benjamin in Uganda

Benjamin Bechtolsheim '10
Internship with the Family Planning Association of Uganda (FPAU), Kampala, Uganda
Hometown: Arlington Heights, Illinois
Benjamin is a Politics, Sociology, and International and Global Studies major.

Hannah Boots Janoowalla '10
Internship with Population Services International, Mumbai, India
Hometown: Passaic, New Jersey
Hannah is a Biology and Politics major on a pre-med track.

Catherine McConnell '10
Internship with the Artist Proof Studio, Johannesburg, South Africa
Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island
Catherine is a Fine Arts major, with minors in Environmental Studies and Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Studies.

Avram Mlotek '09
Internships with Hope Community Services in Mekelle, Ethiopia and Yemin Orde Children's Village, Israel
Hometown: Teaneck, New Jersey
Avram is a Near Eastern and Judaic Studies major.

Angela Tse '09
Internship with International Bridges to Justice, Beijing, China
Hometown: upstate New York
Angela is a Politics and East Asian Studies major, with a minor in Legal Studies.

Aaron Voldman '09
Internship with Asian Study Center for Political & Conflict Transformation (ASPECT), Nepal
Hometown: South Burlington, Vermont
Aaron is a Philosophy and Politics major, with a minor in Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Studies. He was recently honored as a "peace pioneer" by Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, which gave $10,000 to the organization he serves as executive director, Student Peace Alliance, and to mark the occasion launched a new flavor of ice cream called Imagine Whirled Peace.