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Cosponsorship details

International Center
for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life cosponsors selected events organized by Brandeis centers, departments, and student groups. Cosponsorship may mean publicizing to the Center community and/or providing financial support. Cosponsorship amounts are typically up to $250.  

The Ethics Center cosponsors events related to its core mission and themes. These events reflect the guiding principles of the Ethics Center, emphasizing links between scholarship and practice, the influence of the arts, and connections to communities. The Center strives to stimulate thinking and discussion, valuing events that present a variety of viewpoints or invite consideration of a point of view, rather than advocate for a particular point of view.

It is critical for the success of your event that you allow for a MINIMUM of 7 days of publicity. Therefore, please be mindful of the deadlines listed below, allowing for at least 7 days between our response to your request and the day of the event.

Proposals are reviewed by a committee of faculty, staff, and students that meets monthly during the academic year.

Proposal deadlines for fall 2014 are:
Friday, September 5 by 11 am - for a response no later than Monday, September 15
Friday, October 3 by 11 am - for a response no later than Tuesday, October 14
Friday, November 7 by 11 am - for a response no later than Monday, November 17
Friday, December 5 by 11 am - for a response no later than Monday, December 15

Proposals may be submitted for either the fall or spring semester at any time.

All publicity must list the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life as a cosponsor (do not list the Center on publicity before you receive a response). Proposals need not have final details to be considered for funding, though proposals that are well thought through have an advantage.

  • For cosponsorship guidelines click here.
  • For the cosponsorship request form click here.
  • For a post-event report form click here. A post-event report form must be submitted before funds are transferred.

Please send proposals and questions to
781-736-8577 (phone)
781-736-8561 (fax)