Sari Nusseibeh, PLO Commissioner for Jerusalem Affairs, Calls for a Return to Negotiations

Since his appointment as the Commissioner of Jerusalem Affairs for the Palestinian National Authority, Sari Nusseibeh has been very outspoken about trying to move the peace process forward. In an article published in The Jerusalem Report in late September 2001, Nusseibeh condemned the violence. He stated that it must stop, stressing his belief that progress will only be made if Israel and the Palestinians return to negotiations. He argued that both sides must face the "hard facts" regarding refugees, the settlements, and Jerusalem in order to reach a final settlement. Nusseibeh's statements were prompted by his fear that the Israelis and Palestinians were "drowning in the blood of a totally senseless cycle of violence." He hopes to use his voice "to break the deadlock, speaking of the need for conciliation, the rediscovery of a common past and mutual respect." Two weeks following the printing of the article, Yasser Arafat appointed Nusseibeh as Commissioner.

Kershner, Isabel "Can Nusseibeh lead a return to reason?" The Jerusalem Report. 12/3/01