Kerry Kennedy Cuomo Criticizes Actions of the Bush Administration

On 11/21/01 the Boston Globe reported on comments made by Kerry Kennedy Cuomo about the Bush Administration hours before the administration named the Justice Department Headquarters in honor of her father, Robert F. Kennedy. She criticized President Bush and Attorney general John Ashcroft for their handling of detainees and plans to create military tribunals following the events of September 11th. She commented on her father's prosecution of organized crime and noted that his "aggressiveness was always tempered by this commitment to protecting civil rights..." Specifically, Cuomo addressed the state Departments condemnation of military tribunals in Egypt and Peru and the detaining of hundreds of foreign nationals after September 11th. Many of the detainees continue to he held, a violation of their civil and judicial rights.

Glen Johnson. "Amid paean, one critical Kennedy voice." Boston Globe, 11/21/01