Mari Fitzduff presents "War Lords to Peace Lords?"

Mari Fitzduff, director of INCORE, a conflict research institute based at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland, spoke at Brandeis on Monday December 2, 2002. Her topic was "War Lords to Peace Lords?" Fitzduff presented findings from research sponsored at INCORE over the past seven years, focusing on an understanding of what elements contribute to the outbreak of violent conflict, and strategies for allowing leaders of political factions to make the transition from violent to peaceful modes of leadership.

The findings from the key studies included some of the following principles:

  • Leaders have few opportunities to develop relationships with other leaders.
  • Leaders main difficulties come from their own parties, not their enemies.
  • Leaders need 'elastic band' leadership to deliver constituents; i.e. you can stretch them but not too far or too fast.
  • Change is better effected from movers within the fold, than from outside.
  • Leaders always believe that their enemy is having an easier time that they are - and could give more.

Fitzduff's talk was sponsored by the Slifka Program on Intercommunal Coexistence.