Cynthia Cohen discusses the role of arts in reconciliation in D.C.

On November 24, 2002 Cynthia Cohen participated in a panel on the role of the arts in reconciliation following a performance of Death of a Maiden by Ariel Dorfman at Theater J. At Washington D.C.'s Jewish Community Center.

In her remarks, she commented that the play brought to our attention the most important questions in the field of conflict resolution and peacebuilding: How do we recreate the moral framework of relationships after periods of extreme violence and massive disregard for human rights? What conditions give rise to the kinds of conversations necessary for repair?

Dorfman's play can serves as a mirror, she suggested, as it allows us to see -- with enough distance to give rise to new insights -- aspects of ourselves and the dynamics of our own interpersonal and intercommunal relationships. (11.24.02)