Student Fellows prepare for a summer of new experiences


Student Fellows prepare to embark on their internships abroad and in the US

The Peace Abbey in Sherborn, Massachusetts, was a perfect backdrop for the retreat of the 2003 Ethics and Coexistence Student Fellows, coordinated by Marci McPhee. In several sessions over the course of the day, the Student Fellows met with Center staff to prepare for their summer internships. Sessions dealt with wide-ranging topics, from ethnographic methods to international travel suggestions.
  • In a session with Leigh Swigart, students used the serene, intriguing setting of the Peace Abbey as the basis of writing exercises that demonstrated the importance of observing in detail and writing often, to capture the vibrancy of the experience.
  • In collaboration with Jim Mandrell, instructor for the fall tutorial, students brainstormed ideas for the fall project.
  • With Melissa Blanchard, students planned the materials they'll need to collect over the summer for the booklet produced annually about their work.
  • Along with Cindy Cohen, students shared their hopes and fears for the summer.

Students will be working as interns in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, and the USA. Learn more about the Fellows and their internship sites.