Mari Fitzduff engages with activists, academics, policy-makers, and leaders in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Mari Fitzduff, director of the Masters Program in Coexistence and Conflict at Brandeis University, was the chief guest at the Distinguished Speaker Series of the American Embassy in Tel Aviv on November 8. During a dinner hosted by Deputy Chief of Mission Gene Cretz, Fitzduff spoke on peace processes and what makes them successful to a group of Israeli and Palestinian academics, policy makers, activists, and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) activists. Drawing on Northern Ireland and other international experiences, she addressed issues of leadership, inclusion, the necessity and difficulty of compromises, and the possible role of NGOs in such processes.

On November 9, Fitzduff spoke to the Knesset Committee for Advancement of the Status of Women, at a meeting hosted by Committee Chair, M.K. Eti Livni, Shinui. She discussed the role of women in conflict resolution and prevention and security. She suggested the need to increase the inclusion and power of women within governance structures at all levels, and explored the importance of the work that women do to facilitate peace processes around the world.

Later in the week, Fitzduff spoke at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem at the Swiss Center for Conflict Research, Management and Resolution. She addressed an audience of faculty, students, and invited guests on the topic of successful peace processes. After, she met with the Palestinian and Israeli Women’s Peace-building Roundtable, a group of women who are active in dialogue and peace efforts.

At the conclusion of her visit, on November 11, Fitzduff spoke at a conference on Mixed Cities sponsored by the The Knorad Adenauer Program for Jewish-Arab Cooperation at the The Dayan Center at Tel Aviv University.