The Art of Coexistence: Six Students, Four Countries,

 A Thousand Questions

February 15, 2005

4:30–6:00 pm
Celebration of '04 & '05 Ethics and Coexistence Student Fellows and presentations

6:00–7:00 pm: Small group discussions over a light dinner
Shapiro Campus Center Multipurpose Room

2004 Ethics and Coexistence Student Fellows & Presentations
Darnisa Amante ‘06
New Voices in Johannesburg: Melody or Cacophony?

Lisa Kim, ‘06
Ice Breakers in Sri Lanka: Can Grassroots Workshops Stop a Civil War?

Dan Ludevig, ‘06
Picasso in Phnom Penh: Can Western art Help Heal a Nation?

  Patrick Raymond, ‘05
A Nerve Centre in Northern Ireland: Can Music Bring Down the Walls of Derry?

Joshua Russell, ‘06
Modern Missionaries in Cambodia:
When does Activism Become the New Imperialism?

Amy Schiller, ‘06
Artist Proof in South Africa: Does Truth Lead to Freedom?

Announcing the 2005 Ethics and Coexistence Student Fellows
Amy Cotton ’06
Mai Le ’07
Ava Morgenstern ’06
  Anna Nguyen ’06
Julia Resnitsky ’07
Cyanna Rodney-Hill ’06
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