Theatre without Borders establishes a 'Theatre & Peace Building' dialogue with the assistance of Cynthia Cohen of the Slifka Program in Intercommunal Coexistence

With support from the Slifka Program in Intercommunal Coexistence, an international dialogue on 'Theatre & Peace Building' has been initiated by Theatre without Borders. TWB is an informal group of individual theatre artists around the world who are working together to support international theatre exchange. Cynthia Cohen, Director of Coexistence Outreach and International Collaborations, spoke at the group's founding symposium April 1-2, 2005, in New York City. One of the outcomes of that symposium was a series of discussions among theatre artists who are working in conflict regions and using the resources of theatre to address conflicts in the United States. These discussions resulted in the establishment of a U.S. dialogue group for theatre, cultural activism, and building peace, and an invitation to colleagues in other parts of the world to establish similar dialogues in their own regions.