"Boundaries And...": A Geobodies Panel Discussion

On November 15, 2005, Professors Pamela Allara, Maria Green, and Tom King led discussion on "Crossing Borders," a work of performance art as political intervention produced by artist Tanja Ostojic. The work chronicled Ostojic as she posted an online advertisement seeking "a husband with a EU passport," met a German man who agreed to participate in the work, and then proceeded with a legal marriage and divorce.

Displayed at the Women's Studies Research Center, the work asks viewers to understand marriage not as a romantic ideal or immutable concept, but as an instrumental procedure of the state. Ostojic and her "partner" were able to enter into a legal marriage simply because they were a heterosexual couple, even while stating publicly that there was no physical or emotional basis for the union.

The work is part of Geobodies: A Question of Boundaries, an exhibition held at the Women's Studies Research Center from November 9, 2005 to January 31, 2006. Components of Geobodies explore the personal and legal boundaries that are repeatedly crossed in an increasingly global world, through subjects such as slavery and prostitution.