Local Action/Global Impact: An Interactive Forum

It is with great pleasure that the Center announces the publication of Local Action/Global Impact: An Interactive Forum, a book that chronicles 11 of the 14 sessions that made up the February 2005 forum of the same name. The event brought together students, staff, faculty, activists, artists, and a variety of other speakers to examine the mechanisms through which social change takes place. The main body of the publication comes from session summaries and conclusions, written by some of the over 500 undergraduate students who attended the five-day forum.

A selection from Local Action/Global Impact:

"For those of us who do not accept the status quo, the question of how to effectively create change becomes the underlying focus of our actions. The multiplicity of approaches ranges from addressing human need on an individual level to altering the less tangible, global systems that are in place. Yet, regardless of each method, the question of how local, individual action can be developed to inspire more expansive social transformation remains the subject of a continuous dialogue."

--Danielle Davidson '05

Download the 44-page book here (PDF).

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