Center Board Member Publishes Comprehensive Analysis of U.N. Security Council's Dealings with Iraq

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

David M. Malone, High Commissioner Designate of Canada and a member of the Center's International Advisory Board, has recently published The International Struggle Over Iraq: Politics in the UN Security Council, 1980-2005 (Oxford University Press).

From a June 2006 Oxford University Press release: "Iraq has dominated international headlines in recent years, but its controversial role in international affairs goes back much further. The key arena for these power politics over Iraq has been the United Nations Security Council. Spanning the last quarter century, The International Struggle Over Iraq examines the impact the United Nations Security Council has had on Iraq - and Iraq's impact on the Security Council.

"Drawing on the author's unparalleled access to UN insiders, this volume offers radical new insights into one of the most persistent crises in international affairs, and the different roles the world's central peace-making forum played in it."