Brandeis Alumna and Slifka Scholar Lands at Local NGO

Marina Pevzner '04, who came to Brandeis from Rehovot, Israel as a Slifka Scholar, will be assuming the position of Executive Director in the Central Square Business Association in July 2006. The CSBA works to support and enhance local businesses and to improve the quality of life in the Central Square and Cambridge area. The CSBA strives to increase cultural and ethnic tolerance and diversity by bringing together and building relationships among different community members, from city officials to police to students to local business owners. The CSBA is also responsible for organizing art and cultural festivals in Central Square that draw huge crowds each year.

The position will let Pevzner combine her coexistence, negotiation, facilitation, and interpersonal skills. She is excited for the opportunity to learn more about the economic aspects of community work, and she is looking forward to helping an already successful NGO grow even more.