June 2006 Update: The 2004-05 Master's Students

Here is a look at what the first class of Coexistence and Conflict master's students are up to since graduating from the program:

Tamara Amber is working with a human rights organisation in Israel.

Peter Bauman is currently working with Religions for Peace to set up inter-religious councils in Iraq, Sudan, and Palestine/Israel, culminating in the World Assembly in Kyoto in the fall of 2006. He is also planning to undertake evaluation work for CDA (Collaborative for Development Action) in India and the Sudan in the Fall of 2006.

Phil Gamaghelyan is working an an Armenian/Azeri project, in partnership with International Alert (and the Consortium Initiative led by IA), whose main aim is to strengthen the network of Armenian and Azeri community/civil society leaders who are working toward peace in the Caucasus. The project is being assisted by USAID, the U.S. embassies in the region, the Academy for Educational Development, Save the Children, and others.

Isabella Jean has been continuing as a consultant with her coexistence evaluation work, as well as assisting Coexistence International with its democracy project.

Priscilla Kankhulungo has returned to the office of the Ombudsman with the Malawaian Government, where she is using her coexistence and skills to bear upon the work of the office.

Michael Ehrlich won a prestigious Legacy Heritage fellowship to work on an international program designed to provide an outstanding experience to a group of gifted and highly motivated individuals. This fellowship gave Michael an opportunity to work for the World Jewish Council in New York on inter-religious dialogue during 2005-06.

Chandon Nandy, a distinguished reporter from India, undertook his field project on Indian/Pakistan migration. He has since been working with a film director as a consultant to a film on India and Migration. Chandon will be back at Brandeis in the fall of 2006 to start his doctoral work.

Gazala Paul is now using Samerth, the organization of which she is CEO, to work in seven schools developing and conducting a peace education modules for school children. She has also started up a mobile peace/coexistence library to reach out to other young minds on coexistence issues. In addition, she has also also taken up a regional adviser post (part-time) for a U.K.-based organization foundation.

Inessa Shishmanyan has taken up a full time job with Seeds for Peace, where she conducted her field projuct as a co-coordinator of the Delegation Leaders Program.