"Patterns of Conflict, Paths to Peace"


Coexistence International Staff Members Attend International Peace Research Association (IPRA) Biennial Conference

Coexistence International staff and invited participants attended the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) Biennial Conference in Calgary, Canada from June 29 to July 3, 2006. IPRA is an internationally recognized and highly respected agent of peace research and education. Founded in 1964 and with over 1,300 members from some 90 countries, IPRA is the most respected scholarly association in this field.

At this year's Biennial Conference, CI convened three panels:

  • "Making the Case for a Complementary Approach to Coexistence/ Peacebuilding"
    Featuring Professor Mari Fitzduff (Brandeis University), Jessica Berns (Coexistence International), Dr. Kevin Clements (Australian Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies), Dijana Milosevic (DAH Theatre), Robert Ricigliano (University of Milwaukee), and Luc Reychler (IPRA)

  • "Space, Time and Performance: Intersections and dilemmas in ceremony, representation and peace"
    Featuring Dr. Mary Ann Hunter (Australian Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies), Dr. Polly Walker (ACPACS), and Catherine Filloux (playwright)

  • "Theatre and Peace in the Context of Violence"
    Featuring Daniel Banks (DNA Works), Erik Ehn (California Institute of the Arts), Dijana Milosevic (DAH Theatre), and Roberto Varea (University of San Francisco)

and one roundtable:

  • "Performing Peace: A dialogue among scholars and artists in the fields of theatre, ritual, coexistence and reconciliation"
    Featuring Melisse Boskovich (Peace Child Israel), Dr. Kevin Clements (ACPACS), Catherine Filloux (playwright), Kate Gardner (Community Theatre Internationale), Roberta Levitow (Theatre Without Borders), Ruth Margraff (Theatre Without Borders), and Adam McKinney (DNA Works)

In addition, Director of Coexistence Research & International Collaborations Cynthia Cohen served as a co-convener of the Art and Peace Commission of IPRA, and Advisory Board Chair Mari Fitzduff chaired a plenary session on "Professionalism in Violence Prevention and Peace Building."