2006 Ethics Center Student Fellows Presentation

On Wednesday, March 8, 2006, the Ethics Center held a celebration to recognize the work of the 2005 Ethics Center Student Fellows and to offer a forum for them to discuss the internships they participated in over the summer of 2005. The six fellows, who interned in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Northern Ireland, and Israel, are:

Amy Cotton '06
Mai Le '07
Ava Morgenstern '06
Anna Nguyen '07
Julia Resnitsky '07
Cyanna Rodney-Hill '08

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The evening also offered an opportunity for the Center to welcome the following recipients of Ethics Center Student Fellowships for 2006:

William Chalmus '07
Daniel Duffy '07
Kosmas Kaprinis '07
Joshua Rosenthal '07
Naomi Safran-Hon '08
Dana Sawitz '08

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