Performance: "A Land Twice Promised"

On Saturday, March 18, 2006, playwright Noa Baum performed her one-woman show "A Land Twice Promised," a moving testimony illuminating the complex and contradictory history and emotions that surround Jerusalem for Israelis and Palestinians alike. Baum, an Israeli who began a dialogue with a Palestinian woman while living in the United States, weaves together their memories and their mothers' stories in a heartfelt tribute.

Baum's storytelling builds a bridge of understanding and compassion between East and West, American and Israeli, Arab and Jew, past and present. This event provided an opportunity for the Brandeis community to see the conflict through a personal story, one that brings both sides together and instead of looking at the differences, it looks at the similarities between both sides of the conflict.

The performance was sponsored by the Arab-Jewish Dialogue Group.