"The One I Love" - A Teatro Revolucion Presentation

May 7, 2006

Written and directed by Seth Bernstein '06, "The One I Love" is a short film set against the legalization of same sex marriage and the formative period of freshman year. The film explores the tension between the ever changing nature of personal identity and the desire to feel self-mastery by remaining fixed and unchanged.

The film tells the story of two friends and freshman year roommates who feel that they are straying from their relationships but can't figure out why they stick with them. Hillel, an orthodox jew, has always had an intensely personal relationship with God and Religion. Eric, a young gay man from a small town, has been dating his first boyfriend for weeks. As the film opens, they drive a wedge between their friendship by criticizing each others' decisions. Eventually, they come to realize that their problems are parallel and reunite when they discover that what they're grappling for can be found in their friendship.