The 2005-06 Intercultural Residency Series Assessment Report


The Intercultural Residency Series (ICRS) brings to Brandeis University artists of high accomplishment from around the world. For a few days each semester, a musical ensemble whose ethos is embedded in a particular social, cultural, and/or political setting engages with the campus community. The goal of these residencies is to promote cultural exchange and intellectual inquiry through understanding and appreciation of diverse artistic traditions.

In its inaugural year, 2005-06, the series featured the Yuval Ron Ensemble and Sol y Canto. Progressive Pictures documented all events during and related to the Yuval Ron Ensemble three-day residency, including discussion groups, panels, workshops, classes, public school outreach programs, and concerts. The video that Progressive Pictures produced (available below) is a compilation of these events with commentary by co-chairs Cynthia Cohen and Judith Eissenberg, as well as others who participated in the residency.

The 2005-06 ICRS was assessed by Dr. Cynthia Cohen, executive director of the Slifka Program in Intercommunal Coexistence and director of coexistence research and international collaborations, and Judith Eissenberg, founder and director of MusicUnitesUS. Their 16-page assessment report is available below.

The Yuval Ron Ensemble is a group of world-class musicians of Armenian, Jewish-Israeli, Palestinian-Israeli and Armenian background. They perform original compositions that incorporate elements of early liturgical music from the Jewish religion, the Armenian Christian church and the Sufi tradition of Islam. The ensemble celebrates the commonalities among peoples who often perceive each other as enemies; it emphasizes the unity of humanity.

The 2005-2006 series was co-chaired by Judith Eissenberg, Founder and Director of MusicUnitesUS, a member of the Lydian String Quartet and of the faculty in the Department of Music at Brandeis University; and Dr. Cynthia Cohen, Executive Director of the Slifka Program in Intercommunal Coexistence and Director of Coexistence Research and International Collaborations.

Click here to view the video, produced with support from the Saul O. Sidore Memorial Foundation & the Theodore and Jane Norman New Research/Scholarship Fund.

Click here to read the 2005-06 ICRS Assessment Report.

We are deeply grateful to Progressive Pictures for the filming of the Yuval Ron Ensemble residency.