Assistant Professor Ted Johnson Joins Slifka Program for 2006-07 Academic Year

September 1, 2006

The Center and the Slifka Program in Intercommunal Coexistence are pleased to welocome Ted Johnson, a Senior Program Manager with Mercy Corps Conflict Management Group and a Ph.D. candidate at Tufts University, to the Center as an Assistant Professor for the 2006-07 academic year. In the fall, he will be teaching a Mediation course as well as a short Research Methods course in the last half of the term. In the spring, he will be teaching a short Conflict and Development course and designing a short course on Trends in Diversity Management.

In his work at Mercy Corps, Mr. Johnson has served as a consultant and trainer in negotiation and dispute resolution programs. He has worked in South Africa on the peace process, helping build community mediation, negotiation, and problem solving capacity, as well as designing and conducting trainers workshops to help build civil society. He has also worked in Cyprus, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, as well as in the Caucuses and the Balkans. In Cyprus, Mr. Johnson was part of a Track II capacity-building process in various U.N.-sponsored peace and reconciliation initiatives. He continues to work with Greek and Turkish Cypriot students in the United States as part of AmidEast's CASP program. In Iraq, he helped establish the first conflict resolution curriculum now being taught in the Kurdish Universities of Dohouk, Salamania, and Salahadin by Kurdish academics as part of a democracy and governance project. In the Caucuses, Mr. Johnson worked with several community sectors in Armenia training young leaders in negotiation, mediation, and leadership skills. In the Balkans, he worked in Macedonia in a community reconciliation and IDP project.

In addition to training and consulting, Mr. Johnson has worked extensively in the area of curriculum development for school systems, colleges and universities and community groups. He designed a nationally recognized community-based conflict resolution program for youth which has been used extensively in Boston and Chicago and was later used extensively in Burundi. Mr. Johnson also serves CMG as in-house legal advisor on domestic and international legal issues and rule of law programs. He is a member of both the California and American Bar Associations.