Report: Committee on Exhibitions and Public Expression on Campus

On April 30, 2006, an student exhibit titled "Voices of Palestine" was removed from the Goldfarb Library. The controversial exhibit depicted the drawings of children in a Palestinian refugee camp, and was a project of Lior Halperin, a student in Professor Cynthia Cohen's "The Arts of Building Peace" course. The removal angered many in the Brandeis community and beyond and resulted in both demonstrations against the action and open forums at which everyone was welcome to express their concerns.

In June 2006, the University formed the Committee on Exhibitions and Public Expression on Campus, with an initial charge to:

1. examine the controversy surrounding the removal of the "Voices of Palestine" exhibit.

2. recommend guidelines and procedures for the public discussion on campus of controversial or inflammatory subjects, and in particular guidelines for the presentation, location, and reception of student exhibits on such matters.

3. recommend fall activities, such as a Forum or panel discussion, that will review further the open discussion of controversial issues on campus.

The committee was composed of the following faculty members:

Paul Jankowski, Chair (HIST)
Jeffrey Abramson (POL)
Marc Brettler (NEJS)
Judith Eissenberg (MUS)
David Hackett Fischer (HIST)
Michael Gilmore (ENG)
Marya Levenson (EDU)
Robert Meyer (PHYS)

On September 25, the Office of the Provost released the committee's report to the Brandeis community. That report, and two related pieces of correspondence, can be viewed by clicking the links below.

Report from Committee on Exhibitions and Public Expression on Campus
Letter from President Reinharz to Provost Krauss
Letter from Provost Krauss to Committee on Exhibitions and Public Expressions on Campus

Read the open letters from Center Director Dan Terris and Professor Cynthia Cohen in response to the controversy, written in May 2006.