Overseas Edition of The International Judge Launches

December 7, 2007

The overseas edition of The International Judge: An Introduction to the Men and Women Who Decide the World's Cases, was launched at a conference on "The Future of International Justice" in the Netherlands on December 1-2.

The book, by center director Daniel Terris and director of programs in international justice and society Leigh Swigart, with Cesare Romano of Loyola Law School Los Angeles, has been published for readers outside the United States by Oxford University Press. (The U.S. edition has been published by Brandeis University Press.)

The conference, hosted by the Project on International Courts and Tribunals, included more than 50 of the world's leading international judges, international lawyers, and international law scholars. Participants debated a number of the issues covered in the book, including the extent of the international judicial "system," the effectiveness of international criminal tribunals, and the relationship between the international courts and governments. Daniel Terris and Cesare Romano spoke, and conference participants hailed the book as an important contribution to the field.

Terris and Romano also gave a talk about the book at the Faculty of Laws at University College London on December 4.

For more information on the international edition of The International Judge, click here. For information on the U.S. edition, click here.