Master's Students Visit Peacebuilding Agencies in NYC and D.C.

February 21-23, 2007

The 2006-07 master's students in Coexistence and Conflict spent three days in February visiting peacebuilding agencies and organizations in Washington, D.C. and New York, in preparation for resuming their careers in the field of peacebuilding upon completion of the master's program.

"We covered the kinds of agencies where we hope our graduates will look for work," said Assistant Professor Ted Johnson. "There was a lot of useful information on the current strategies in the development and humanitarian world. One of the things I observed was that people at all these agencies are talking about strategies, policies, practices, a lot of the things we're teaching in our program. The students are hearing this reinforcement from the field of what they're learning."

Graduate student Inga Sarsune said the representatives who spoke to the students regarded them as colleagues, not just students.

"They said they were impressed," she said. "They encouraged us to apply for internships."

In addition to being informative, the trip also succeeded in building stronger bonds among the students.

"The way my classmates asked questions and presented their ideas, it made me realize that these are people I want to work with in the field," said Sarsune.

During the trip, the students discovered contacts at these agencies in and around the Boston area, much closer to campus. They are in the process of planning a day to visit the local branches of the organizations they met with in February.