Coexistence International Launches Two New Publications Series

July 19, 2007

On Thursday July 19, 2007, Coexistence International launched a new publications series, titled "Complementary Approaches to Coexistence Work." Each paper in the series focuses on the theoretical and practical intersections of coexistence and a related area of work, offering recommendations and resources to practitioners and policymakers. The first papers of the series were launched at an invitation-only event at Brandeis House in New York City.

The first paper in the series, written by Jessica Berns, explores the question "What is Coexistence and Why a Complementary Approach?" The paper gives resources and examples of the benefits and challenges of related fields working together towards sustainable peace. Subsequent papers focus on the nexus of coexistence and the arts, democracy-building, natural resources, and security.

A second publication series describes the state of coexistence within different countries, such as Mauritius, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Latvia, and Poland. These country studies compare diversity and coexistence policies from countries around the world in order to contribute to a wider understanding of the variety of approaches for addressing issues of coexistence and intergroup conflict at various levels.

Both the Complementary Approaches to Coexistence Work and the country study series can be accessed via the Publications & Presentations page of CI's website. Print versions available upon request. For more information about either paper series or the publications launch, please contact