From the Director

"Growth, Change, and Continuity"

August, 2010

from the Summer/Fall 2010 Ethics Central newsletter

The International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life was built on the conviction that developing and nurturing active communities across borders and disciplines creates the knowledge and inspiration for meaningful social, institutional, and political change.

Our programs for international judges foster vital dialogue between far-flung courts, strengthening the system of global justice. We helped develop the field of coexistence by supporting practitioners around the world with publications and institutes that advance tools and methods for creating just and stable societies. Our network of Brandeis students and alumni has brought the wisdom and experience of hundreds of NGOs from dozens of countries into Brandeis classrooms – and bolstered by their studies they have moved out to their professional lives with an even stronger commitment to improving the world.

This fall, the Center extends that practice of community building by taking on a new shape. Following much planning, we have found a new home for our Masters Program in Coexistence and Conflict: Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management.

The Heller School, with a 50-year tradition of blending sophisticated analysis with real-world practice, is the ideal permanent home for the M.A. Program. The Coexistence and Conflict Program and its longstanding Heller School partner the Masters Program in Sustainable International Development can continue to build mutually beneficial connections between students, faculty members, and practitioners in the field.

Coexistence International (CI), engaged in the vital work of building bridges between the coexistence field and fields such as human rights, democracy- building, and economic development, will also move to Heller.

We extend our thanks and gratitude to the faculty and staff who have built the M.A. Program and CI: Mari Fitzduff, Ted Johnson, Anne Gudaitis, Jessica Berns, and John Moore. At the Heller School they will remain our Brandeis colleagues, and we anticipate with pleasure and pride much fruitful collaboration as we build communities for knowledge and action.

The Center continues to be the home for pathbreaking programs in peacebuilding and the arts, our flagship program for international judges, the undergraduate Sorensen Fellowship, and extensive programming at Brandeis.

Indeed, 2010-11 promises to be a banner year, with the publication of a major anthology on theater and peacebuilding and the release of a companion documentary, our seventh Brandeis Institute for International Judges, and the continued development of the Advocacy for Policy Change initiative. We look forward to new ventures and new opportunities to build networks of knowledge and practice that strengthen the quest for peace and justice.

Dan Terris, Director

International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life