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Songs of My Neighbors - Limassol, Cyprus - April 2015

Songs Songs of my Neighbors is a collaborative initiative aiming to use the arts, and theatre in particular, to encourage dialogue and social justice between communities that share conflict. As a project of the Center of Performing Arts MITOS, it is co-coordinated by Elena Agathokleous and Diomedes Koufteros (MFA '05, Acting). It is partly funded by the Culture Program of the European Union and takes place in Poland, Italy and Cyprus between Autumn 2013 and Summer 2015.


Participants at Songs of My Neighbors
Photo credit: Pavlos Vryonides

Acting Together Project contributors Dr. Lee Perlman, researcher at the Tami Steinmetz Peace Center of the University of Tel Aviv, and Dijana Milošević of Dah Teatar, both participated in a convening of the project in April 2015 in Limmasol, Cyprus. The convening included live music and narrations with actors, musicians, and artists from partner organizations, as well as a screening of Acting Together on the World Stage. The following is a reflection from Lee Perlman and Dijana Milošević about their experiences.

Reflection on ‘Songs of My Neighbors’ Convening in Limmasol, Cyprus
April 2015
By Lee Perlman

“It was a pleasure to meet the participants of the Songs of my Neighbors project during their last official gathering in Limmasol last month. Songs of my Neighbors has clearly evolved into a very robust platform for creative and bold inter-cultural expression and engagement within and between each of the societies of the participating artists: Cyprus, Poland and Italy. The artists have created a multi-national ‘community of identity’ which builds upon the grass-roots communities they have forged within each country as part of the project, all, which I hope will continue to thrive. For me, the Saturday evening performance of the Cypriot and Polish artists which utilized the mystical performance space of the hosting Mitos Theater’ 'Old Vinegar House' was magical ..." Read Lee’s full reflection.

Reflection on ‘Songs of My Neighbors’ Convening in Limmasol, Cyprus
April 2015
By Dijana Milošević

“I was invited by Diomedes Koufteros and Mytos Theatre to come to Cyprus, to Limassol, for the final presentation of the project ‘Songs of my Neighbors,’ in April this year. I met Diomedes last August in Istanbul, during the IPRA conference, where we both presented our work as a part of the Art and Peace commission. We both realized that the work we are doing has a lot in common. I really loved the core idea of the project - if people from divided parts of the community could sing each other songs, maybe they would simply realize that they share something more important than conflict...." Read Dijana’s full reflection.

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