EL Practicum


Practica can now be taken within one year following the successful completion of a four-credit course. This new organizational structure provides more flexibility in situations where a complete understanding of the subject is needed before more in depth investigations and discussions. Practica can still be taken concurrently with four-credit courses when appropriate.

The experiential learning practicum, EL 94a, is an exciting option for faculty and students. The practicum options allow for flexibility in designing experiential courses and course components. We have had positive feedback after the first three semesters of offering different models of the practicum; a majority of practicum students in reported that they benefited from the practicum, they learn better experientially, they would recommend it to a friend, and that experiential opportunities and the practicum options should be incorporated into more courses at Brandeis!

EL Practicum options at Brandeis

Two-credit EL 94a practicum:
The two-credit practicum is optional for students and requires students to register for EL 94a in conjunction with the associated four-credit base course. This model allows faculty to design a practicum course for a small group of students who are interested in hands-on experiences related to the theoretical course topics.

Six-credit EL course:
This model allows faculty to design a multi-layered experience that aims to provide all enrolled students with a broad perspective on specific issues related to their fields of interest and to enable them to develop and strengthen both their academic and experiential skills. The six-credit course can either be proposed as a new course, or it can be a modification to an existing four-credit course that is already in the catalog. When a course is approved as a six-credit course, it will be offered only as a six-credit course.