2013-2014 Fellows

Experiential Learning Fellowship Information

Goals of the program:

 - Provide Brandeis students with peer advocates for academic Experiential Learning

- Create new Experiential Learning opportunities

- Promote student leadership development


- All fellows must attend a bi-monthly fellows meeting, which are focused on leadership development and collaborating on ongoing Experiential Learning projects

- Each Fellow is required to hold weekly office hours for 2 hours

- Attend pre-fall semester training and spring retreat

- Dedicate an additional 2 hours a week for EL ongoing projects (may vary depending on project deadlines)

- Optional: Participate on an Experiential Learning Committee


- Critical Analysis and problem-solving

- Professional communication skills

- Development and management of diverse, intercultural community groups

- Academic service project development and course assistance skills

- Project management knowledge


Connections to opportunities

Building relationships with faculty

Connect to students

Networking with community organizations

Make Friends

Leave your Legacy

Mentor younger students

Development of professional skills

Experiential Learning Fellows are also knowledgeable about the experiential opportunities available for Brandeis undergraduates. They work to make these possibilities bigger and better, as well as, make sure students can take advantage of them. They also support faculty in the development and/or implementation of experiential components, practicum, and courses.

Experiential Learning Fellowship


Experiential Fellows are outstanding Brandeis student leaders who have engaged with, supported, promoted and facilitated Experiential Learning at Brandeis. Fellows have a demonstrated passion for experiential learning pedagogy and wish to share their transformative experiences and to advocate for the methodology at Brandeis.

 Experiential Learning Fellows



Office Hours


Avishek Neupane Computer Science, Business Monday 9:50am-11:50am avishek@brandeis.edu
Dan Boyle Biochemistry, Classical Studies Wednesday 12-2pm dboyle@brandeis.edu
Jen Mandelbaum Health, Science, Society and Policy (HSSP), Women's and Gender Studies, Sociology Thursday 11:30-1:30pm jbmandel@brandeis.edu
MacRegga Severe Biology, Health, Science, Society and Policy (HSSP) Monday 3-5pm msevere7@brandeis.edu
Zoe Oppenheimer Education Studies, Hebrew, NEJS Thursday 2:15-4:15pm zfo@brandeis.edu
Shimon Mazor Economics, Anthropology Thursday 8:50-10:50pm shiramy@brandeis.edu
Brittany Ritell Business, Film Studies, Journalism Thursday 3-5pm britell@brandeis.edu
So Hyun Shin Philosophy, Legal Studeis Thursday 10-12pm sohyun@brandeis.edu

 Meet your 2013-2014 Experiential Learning Fellows!

Avishek Neupane '14

Avishek Neupane is from Kathmandu, Nepal. He is a Computer Science major with a minor in Business. His favorite Experiential Learning (EL) courses so far are the Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS) in Web Applications and Social Networks with Pito Salas and Tim Hickey, The Art of Public Speaking with Andrew Flagel, and 3d Game Design with Tim Hickey. 

The best of the best EL experience that he has had is in the JBS in Web Development and Social Applications. The class learned web development and created a real world product in just 10 weeks! The class was richly experiential where they applied whatever they learned in their product immediately.  The course also gave him an experience of being in a computer startup- like environment. It also had a reflection and team session every now and then, which helped the teams reorganize and go for another sprint.

Overall, Avishek’s first year and a half at Brandeis has been super experiential. The experiential theory cycle of concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation is very powerful and he looks forward to spreading the knowledge/benefits/passion of EL @ Brandeis!

Dan Boyle '14

Dan is a senior majoring in biochemistry and minoring in classical studies.  He has been interested in biomedical research since high school when one of his first mentors in science encouraged him to pursue summer research internships. The internships allowed him to learn more about the professional aspect of biology and medicine, and engendered an enthusiasm for scientific discourse and collaboration. He has been involved in research at Brandeis since freshman year and presented two posters, and he hopes to continue on to research chronic and autoimmune diseases after graduation. He is participating in the Experiential Learning Fellowship for a second year in order to continue advocating for and educating about the reflective, hands-on learning style that has benefitted him so greatly in his years at Brandeis.

Jen Mandelbaum '14

Jen is a senior from Londonderry, NH majoring in HSSP and sociology and minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies. She is returning to campus after spending last spring studying abroad in South Africa, where she worked with a local nonprofit focused on HIV/AIDS education and support programs. A 2012-2013 Schiff Fellow, she spent last year researching garden education in Waltham. She is particularly interested in studying how garden education can be a tool for reducing childhood obesity. Jen thoroughly enjoyed her research experience, and she is expanding upon this research for her senior thesis. Jen has also taken advantage of public health-related internships in the Boston area.

In addition to being an EL Fellow, Jen is a member of the rowing team, an HSSP UDR, Peer Tutor for the SSSP program, Public Health Coordinator for the Pre-Health Society, and a peer assistant for the “Health, Community, and Society” practicum.

Jen is excited to be a returning EL Fellow and help students discover experiential learning both on and off campus!

MacRegga Severe '16

MacRegga Severe, a current sophomore, double majoring in Health Science Society and Policy and Biology, is a new Experiential Learning Fellow. As a POSSE scholar and immigrant of Haiti, he is especially sensitive in the plight of disadvantaged people in health care. MacRegga’s passion for medicine, academic endeavors in Brandeis’s chapter of Face AIDs and his commitment to serve coincides with Experiential Learning pedagogy of acquiring knowledge through meaningful practicums. Just recently, he served as a Field Supervisor of NYC’s Department of Youth and Community Development. Through this position, he mentored and advised more than three hundred inner city youth in career development, college preparation and personal life choices. Through this experience, not only did he improved on his leadership skills but he also strengthened  interpersonal skills , which are pivotal assets to physicians. As an EL Fellow, MacRegga hopes to encourage students, especially in the Sciences, to engage themselves in more Experience Learning opportunities on campus. He aspires to accomplish this by collaborating with Brandeis Science professors in designing more courses that will be designed to intensify learning through activity that require active participation.

Zoe Oppenheimer '14

Zoe Oppenheimer is thrilled to return for her second year as an Experiential Learning (EL) Fellow.  She is a senior from Long Island, NY, majoring in Education Studies and minoring in Elementary Education, Hebrew Language and Literature, and NEJS.  Zoe loves experiential learning because she has found that this is how she learns best.  One of her favorite Experiential Learning courses has been Teaching and Learning Reading in Elementary and Preschools with Deb Moriarty.  She loved learning about strategies to teach children how to read through Deb's interactive lessons and then developing and strengthening her skills through her weekly practicum at Stanley Elementary School.  This experience proved to Zoe that teaching literacy is something that she is very passionate about.  Zoe's study abroad program, The Brandeis University-Middlebury Program in Israel, was also a very experiential opportunity.  For this program, Zoe signed a language pledge that she would only speak Hebrew for the entirety of the program with Israelis and Americans alike.  This gave Zoe the chance to learn Hebrew in an authentic way, not only from books, but also from real-life conversations and experiences.  Aside from being an EL Fellow, Zoe is also a UDR for the Education Program, a Girl Scout troop leader and a Religious School Teacher.  Instead of taking Brandeis courses during the spring of her senior year, Zoe will be student teaching full time in an elementary school class in Newton.  Zoe is excited to share her EL experiences with others and help promote EL on campus.

Shimon Mazor '16

Shimon, who is majoring in Economics and Anthropology, and minoring in International and Global Studies and in Environmental Studies, is a new Experiential Learning fellow who supervises the WATCH Housing Clinic. In the clinic he and other Brandeis volunteers help the Waltham community with multiple housing issues, such as unlawful and unsanitary housing conditions, tenant-landlord disputes, and housing searches. WATCH Housing Clinic was created to help people from low-income and immigrant backgrounds, and to educate students firsthand about the injustices facing this community. Experiential Learning, offered Shimon a hands-on application to his academic classes, and also leadership roles. Shimon believes in education through experience in real-world applications together with academic theory. As a fellow he would like to manage an experiential learning practicum, to develop his public speaking and education skills.  

Brittany Ritell '15

Brittany Ritell is a Junior who is majoring in Business and minoring in Journalism and Film, Television & Interactive Media Studies. This is her first year as an Experiential Learning Fellow and she is particularly excited to help make EL a staple of every student’s education. As a business major, she is particularly interested in improving the ways we market and brand EL so that it becomes a well known concept among Brandeis undergraduates.

Brittany would recommend EL to anyone as a great way to take your knowledge outside of the classroom. She is looking forward to being an EL Fellow in the fall and then expanding her own EL experiences in the Spring by studying abroad in Sydney, Australia!

So Hyun Shin '15

Sohyun Shin is a junior majoring in philosophy and minoring in legal studies. She is mainly interested in metaethics and also applying it in our daily life. As a part of applying philosophy in everyday life, she is in a core committee for Deis Impact, a week long festival for social justice at Brandeis, and took a experiential learning course in philosophy, environmental ethics. In environmental ethics class, she explored various arguments regarding environment, from the value of environment to the food industry that cannot be separated from both our life and environment. To explore these arguments more, she had an internship at the Korea Green Foundation during summer. For her internship, she was working on the Solar Lamp Project and was able to donate 2,000 solar lamps to rural towns in India where people cannot get access to any electricity and have to burn firewood which is not only harmful to environment but also hazardous to people’s health. Furthermore, she is going to be a part of Brandeis in the Hague program 2014 spring semester to learn more about what is the role of ethics in the International Court Justice.