INT 89a/b Two-Credit Undergraduate Internship Seminar: Fall and Spring Semesters

From Curriculum to Career

Open to all Brandeis Undergraduates! 

If you've already completed the internship course in your major, here is another opportunity! For more information please contact

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to help students to think critically about the organization and industry in which they are currently interning, while developing their “personal narrative” as a result of this experience.  While the internship is the “lab,” students will use their assignments, reflections and class meetings to analyze their experience to both develop and articulate their academic, professional, and personal goals.  


  • Students must have an approved internship done concurrently with course period
  • Enrollment is open to second semester freshman
  • International students must have completed at least one academic year at Brandeis, have a declared major and must have an appropriate signature/approval from ISSO
  • Students who have not yet taken the internship course option in their major/minor, as listed in the Bulletin, are required to obtain the signature of the major/minor internship instructor. 

For more information please contact