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Kathryn Grady
Research Interests
: Applied microeconomics. Empirical industrial organization.
Student Qualifications: Some statistics or econometrics would be useful, but not necessary.
Responsibilities: Putting together data sets

Adam Jaffe
Research interests:
  Intellectual property policy and its effects; public policy in support of innovation, particularly with respect to environmental and energy technology; economic impact of publicly funded research; evaluation/assessment of government technology programs.
Student Qualifications:  Knowledge of introductory economics and familiarity with statistical software
Responsibilities:  depends on specific project


Tara Brown
Research Interests
: Race, class and gender in education. Urban alternative education.
Student Qualifications
: Excellent writing and analytic thinking skills; experience with qualitative research methods (e.g. conducting interviews and/or observations); knowledge of high-minority; high-poverty urban schools and communities (can be from personal experience), knowledge of K-12 school suspension, expulsion, or dropout (can be from personal experience); attention to detail; reliability; desire to develop research skills
Responsibilities: Transcribing interviews as well as assisting in conducting interviews and observations related to secondary education; analyzing primary and secondary qualitative data; writing up data; presenting at educational research and practitioner conferences

Environmental Studies
Laura Goldin
Research Interests: Environmental Justice, Environmental -Health and Sustainability, primarily working with disadvantaged communities. Includes issues of racial, ethnic, gender and economic disparities in distribution of environmental harms and benefits; community and health impacts of toxic exposures; environmental justice intervention initiatives and strategies for community environmental and social justice sustainability 
Student Qualifications: Passion for the subject and desire to learn, strong writing and analytic thinking skills, comfort in working with diverse communities. Some experience with qualitative and quantitative research helpful but not required.
Responsibilities: Research, data-gathering, preparing spreadsheets, charts and presentations, interviewing and assisting in designing new initiatives.

Jane Kamensky
Research Interests: North America before ca. 1830. Cultural history. The writing of history.
Student Qualifications: Experience doing interviews and submitting writing samples.
: Primary source research in online collections such as early American newspapers, or early English books, or archives-based research in particular collections of letters, etc.

Language and Linguistics

Sophia Malamud
Research Interests: Linguistics. 
Student Qualifications:  Ling 100 is necessary; potentially other linguistics or computer science courses depending on the task. For one of the projects, knowledge of Russian at native or near-native level.
Responsibilities: Data entry, data collection, data analysis using computer tools.

Political Science

Steven Burg
Research Interests: Comparative ethnic conflict, and conflict mediation and resolution, focused on Europe, Latin America, and Asia.
Student Qualifications: At least a sophomore status and completion of at least two courses in Politics, with strong preference for having completed Politics 15a and Politics 127b or 151a. Strong library research skills and outstanding writing skills. Fluency in Spanish or French for research purposes, knowledge of EXCEL, and/or knowledge of SPSS, are each highly desirable but not required.
Responsibilities: Tasks might include (depending on qualifications) compilation of research bibliographies addressing questions of theory or specific cases of ethnic conflict; preparation of critical reviews of above literature; review of original newspaper and other sources (if language capable); writing case studies of ethnic conflict; participating in analysis of national survey data from selected countries, examining various issues in ethnic conflict.

Kerry Chase
Research Interests: International Relations, particularly International Political Economy and US Foreign Economic Policy.
Student Qualifications: Undergraduate research assistants should have taken at least one of the professor's courses (POL 173A; POL 172B; POL 165A; POL 15A; IGS 10A) or have prior coursework on international economic issues (e.g. EC 60B; EC 160A).  Students also should be comfortable working with Microsoft Excel, SPSS, and/or STATA.
Responsibilities: Data collection, organization, and management; locating, reading, and summarizing primary documents and government publications.

Jill  Greenlee
Research Interests: American Politics, Political Behavior, Political Socialization, Public Opinion, Gender and Race
Student Qualifications: Analytical thinking and writing skills; strong organizational and research skills
Useful skills: Knowledge of Excel, or SPSS or Stata.
Responsibilities: Working with presidential archive materials.  Systematically examining secondary sources on political campaigns.  Creating annotated bibliographies/literature reviews of academic literature. Data management.

Jytte Klausen
Research Interests: Comparative politics. Immigration and social cohesion. Europe.
Student Qualifications: Proficiency in Excel, SPSS, network analysis, foreign languages (French, German, Arabic) 
Responsibilities: Directed research using foreign language sources, coding, data analysis.


Paul Dizio
Research Interests: Neural control of human posture, movement and spatial orientation.  Active projects include biomechanical, physiological and systems level computational modeling of complex, coordinated movements; motor learning in adults, typically developing children and children with autism; adaptation to unusual force environments such as artificial gravity and virtual environments; brain-computer interface technology.
Student Qualifications: Preference given to students with experience in laboratory courses and strong skills in mathematics, physics, computer programming (MATLAB, Python, C++).
Responsibilities: Assist with data collection, including use of motion tracking equipment, force-rendering robots,  EMG and EEG recording systems.  Assist with data analysis using custom algorithms as well as standard statistical analysis and graphical presentation software.

Angela Gutchess
Research Interests:
Effects of age and culture on memory and social cognition.
Student Qualifications: The ability to interact with research participants in a professional & friendly manner, attention to detail, enthusiasm for research topics. Students should have completed relevant coursework in Psychology &/or Neuroscience. Statistics and research methods would be helpful for advanced students (juniors/seniors). 
Responsibilities: Preparation of experimental stimuli and protocols using provided software; data collection; data analysis; literature searches.

Margie Lachman
Research Interests: Life-span development; midlife; aging; sense of control; adult personality; memory; health-promoting behaviors; intervention research to improve cognitive and physical functioning.
Student Qualifications: Some background in Psychology is desirable. Course work in statistics and research methods is very helpful. 
Responsibilities: Help with bibliographic searches, preparation of testing materials, data coding, checking heart rate and respiration data for artifacts, scheduling of research participants, scoring personality and cognitive tests, data entry.

Irene Pepperberg
Research Interests: Expertise in animal behavior, animal cognition, comparative psychology; specialty subjects are Grey parrots. Study whether parrots see optical illusions the same way as humans. Investiage at numerical issues.Student Qualifications: Some background in animal behavior/psychology/biology, is preferred but we can train students.
Responsibilities: Students will be responsible for training and testing Grey parrots on studies involving communication and cognition. Some basic "housekeeping", however, is involved...feeding and some caretaking, depending on the time of day the student is working. Students are also encouraged to design and carry out their own experiments. 

Nicolas Rohleder
Research Interests
: Acute and chronic psychosocial stress.
Undergraduates can take up different responsibilities in the lab. On the dry lab side, they would be asked to interview and instruct study participants, gather and enter questionnaire data, schedule participants, and manage different kinds of electronic data acquisition equipment. In the wet lab, students will have the opportunity to learn different laboratory techniques, such as preparation of plasma and saliva samples for hormone analysis, sterile cell culture work, measurement of immune cell numbers, and a lot more.

Malcolm Watson
Research Interests: Developmental psychology, aggression.
Student Qualifications: Completion of PSYC 33a and PSYC 51.
Responsibilities: Help in collecting and developing measurement instruments to conduct research on the development of aggression in children and adolescents; collecting data from children; setting up data files.

Jutta Wolf
Research Interests
: Molecularmechanisms that connect inflammatory processes to stress and depression.
Student Qualifications
: Having attended the Health Psych class or  Research Methods 52a may be helpful for the student, but is not a  requirement.
From planning the details of the study to actually running participants and working with the data collected. Also, students can acquire wet lab skills, if interested.

Ellen Wright
Research Interests: Developmental perspectives on depression, emotion regulation. gender differences.
Student Qualifications: The research lab is a shared venture between Professors Watson and Wright). For lab group (WWARG) experience - having either Developmental Psychology or Adolescence is mandatory.  
Responsibilities: Helping various lab members with conducting research on emotion regulation (including assistance with design, data collection and data entry) and internalizing difficulties
In addition, the professor supervises Psyc 93s (stats and research methods recommended but not required) and 99s (qualifying for psychology department honors, research methods, and statistics required).

Leslie Zebrowitz
Research Interests: Social psychology; face perception; facial stereotypes (babyfaceness, attractiveness); age and gender stereotypes.
Student Qualifications: Preferably the student will have completed Psychology 51 (Statistics) and 52 (Research Methods), although exceptions are made.
Responsibilities: Preparation of experimental stimuli and protocols using provided software; data collection; data analysis; literature searches.


Wendy Cadge
Research Interests: Sociology of Religion, Culture, Health and Medicine, Immigration, Gender, Sexuality, Research Methods, Buddhism.
Student Qualifications: Good organizational skills, ability to meet deadlines, comfort using online library databases, ability to quickly learn basic bibliographic and data software.
Responsibilities: It depends on the project. The goal is to have students as involved in the research process as they would like to be.

Karen Hansen
Research Interests: Contemporary families; community studies; historical sociology; feminist theory; and sociology of gender.
Student Qualifications:  Interest in sociology and U.S. history, experience in creative and thorough bibliographic searching, tenacity. Class in research methods would be helpful but not required. Interest in early- twentieth century immigration issues and in Native American history.
Responsibilities: Library bibliographic search, Management of EndNote files; correspondence to archives, web searching for archival sources; reading historical newspapers on microfilm.

Shulamit Reinharz

Research Interests: Jewish women's and gender studies, particularly the global variation of bat mitzvah, the global variation of intermarriage, the evolution of the initiator of the kibbutz, the transformation of the kibbutz over 100 years, the relation of boys to Judaism, and more.History of women in sociology. Qualitative and feminist methodology. Founder of the Women's Studies Research Center and of the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute. Current project: history of my father in Holland during the Holocaust.
Student Qualifications: For help on current book: Language skills in  Dutch and/or German.
Responsibilities: There are numerous research projects going on at the HBI, and there are always opportunities for undergraduates to be involved.  

Sara Shostak

Research Interests: Sociology of Health and Illness, Science and Technology Studies, Sociology of the Body, Social and Ethical Dimensions of Genetics, Environmental Health and Justice Movements, Qualitative Research Methods.
Student Qualifications: Students are expected to have completed a research methods course in sociology (e.g., soc 118a, soc 181a, soc 183a) or to have completed course work in a directly related substantive area (soc 117a, soc 189a, soc 193a).
Responsibilities: Research tasks/responsibilities would include organizing and coding qualitative data, conducting literature reviews, tracing trends in media coverage of specific topics, working with me on writing projects.