Student Stories

"Brandeis prides itself on its close student-faculty relationships. When I started working as a Student Scholar in the Investigative Journalism Institute I got the close, one-on-one attention that everyone was telling me about. I also gained valuable professional experience into the field of journalism that ultimately influenced me to pursue journalism as a career.”

  - Jessica Goldings '06

Jessica now works for the Project for Excellence (PEJ) in Journalism in Washington DC as a Research Assistant. The Student Scholar Program is offered by the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis to support students and faculty working together on intensive research projects with a particular focus on women.

"The enormity of what I have taken away from my trip to the Delta has given me a new appreciation for experiential learning as a mechanism to provide a framework and context for structured classroom learning, enhancing my analytical thinking and grasp of the material."

- Margot Moinester '09