Experiential Learning Symposium 2014


A Past Poster Session

Each spring Brandeis hosts an interdisciplinary symposium to showcase and celebrate the diverse and impressive ways that students engage in experiential learning. Our goal is to bring together undergraduate students from every major and discipline to share their work with the entire Brandeis campus and community partners. In this way, the symposium will highlight those who have engaged in Experiential Learning in and/or out of the classroom and have shown an elevated level of exploration, discovery and innovation.

This year the symposium will be held in the Admissions building on April 3rd from 4:00 to 5:00 pm and 7:00 to 8:00 pm.

Presenters for 2014 Experiential Learning Symposium

Assessing Occupational Exposure in Nail Salons Morgan Dashko, Katherine Chine, Maia Rodriguez-Semp, Shanlai Shangguan, Molly Pearlman, Margaret Back, Samantha Weisfeld, Aliza Heeren, Alisa Feinswog, Madeline Rosenberg, Emily Scharf, Benjamin Krause, Tasneem Islam, Laura Goldin
StudyBuddy - Group Study Helper Avishek, Berk Sarioz,Derrick Orare,Soha Sattar
Does Brandeis need an Honor Code? Erika Lamarre
Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP) Ngobitak Ndiwane
#MyJihad Afzal Ullah, Zoha Hussain, Sarah Fahmy, and Arifa Ahsan
Habitat for Humanity: A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out Deepti Kanneganti, Kateri Spear, Selene Campion, Ian Christe
Jainism 101: An Exploration Aditi Shah
Brandeis International Journal: Leia Ruseva, Jesse Koklas, Karia Sekumbo, Dor Cohen, Leia Ruseva
Aging Increases Memory Errors for Traits Jung Park
A liberal arts approach to the integration of Biology and Organic Chemistry Ariana Boltax
Oral History Project Daniel Shor, Yonatan Akivis
The Development of A Childhood Oral Health Educational Program in Cape Town, South Africa Oluwatomi Jaiyesimi, Rebecca Fine
Building a Visual Definition of Social Justice Lindsay Mitnik
Global Medical Brigades -Honduras 2014 Rabab Ayoub, Diana Gregoriou, Joel Burt-Miller, Lina Nurhussein, Kara Faktor,
Jane Qian
An Evaluation of Sidewalks in Waltham Gwen Teutsch, Monica Ferrer
An Examination of Successful Aging through the Lens of Socioeconomic Status Hannah Diamond
National Wildlife Refuge Summer Internship Deanna Heller
Semester as Lobbyists-- Advocating for In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students in the MA State Legislature Sneha Walia and Sela Brown
The US and the ICC Dave Benger
High Tech Learning About Ancient Times Elizabeth Allen
Globalization in Babel Jennifer H. Kim
3D Printing and Education Noah Fram-Schwartz, Samir Undavia, Luka Milekic, Ari Ben-Elazar, Michael Adler